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    Send XML and receive binary data via SOAP

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      Hi folks,

      following idea (Client-Server-Rendering-Architecture):

      1. Send XML as JavaScript variable via SOAP to the InDesign Server
      2. Attached the XML String to a new document or template
      3. Apply several XMLRules to the docuument
      4. Render to document as JPG|PDF whatever
      5. Transmit the JPG (means binary) via SOAP back to the client

      Following problems raised by implementing this

      1. Build a new XML-Object with new XML() works, but how to attach this object to the document, i've just found importXML() but from file, not string and xmlElements.add() for adding just a tag not a whole xml tree. The importXML() performance from a File object is not that fast ...

      2. How to render a document not to a file with exportFile() but into a variable, object etc.?

      3. How to send a binary object (from an object, a variable or File object if not possible as describe in Q#2) back to the client via SOAP (scriptResult)? Do I have to expand the WSDL (and|or C++ API), any examples?

      Thanks for your help, by the way, the describe scenario is what I expect of a rendering server not more not less ...