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    Over 20 missing plug-ins

      Is there a way a client can package up their plug-ins so I can print out their file? I don't want to purchase all of their plug-ins.

      We are both using CS2.

      Thank you,

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          Have them send you a PDF. Then you can print with no need for more plug-ins. Chances are that it would be illegal for them to send you the plug-ins. Mind you, having as many as 20 missing seems a large number. Are you sure the original document is a CS2 document?

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            I have to color separate his file so I can't work with his PDF. He's got images I need to convert to spot color, etc. I'm wondering if his document could be a CS3 file even though I see it as CS2.

            The first window that comes up states that two plug-ins are missing:
            LILO.Indesign Plug-in and Cell Styles, followed by "Open anyway?"

            If I say yes to this, the next window lists all about 30 .framework files that are missing. Does this indicate CS3?

            I've asked my client to use interchange and save to an inx file. Hope this works.

            Thank you for your help.
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              The document you are trying to open is either damaged or is coming from CS3. The Lilo Plugin/Cell styles error message is a dead give away.

              Have your associate export the file as an InDesign Interchange, which is compatible one version back.
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                I have had the same problem when I was open the CS3 file in CS2. Surely the file is in InDesign CS3.

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                  This is a nightmare, lost a few days up to now, with no solution in sight. Never had this kind of trouble with Quark - if only I could ditch Indesign. My company has spent thousands on CS2 and CS3, but I can't open any documents produced by people with either package. I wish I'd bought the computer magazine giving away free copies of Quark 4, and I would have no problems in the future.
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                    Tony Morse Level 1

                    What? Is there a question there?

                    I can assure you would be having plenty of problems if you were still using Quark.
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                      I'm having a similar problem, I have created a document so I know they were there at one point, now the only window I have open is the document itself and the 'Pathfinder'.


                      So I am suddenly missing nearly ALL plug-ins!


                      I have phoned support and they say I need to re-install from scratch, the problem with this is that the base Adobe package was installed over 7 years ago when Macs ran on 10.2 or something ancient like that. Since then we have only been using different upgrade packages.

                      (It seems to be a challenge to explain this to them)


                      HELP!! (Before I loose my job)