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        Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

        Thomas Phinney has a good explanation of wait the problem is up the thread at post 46, and Dov Isaacs issued a clarification that you need to delete the Adobefntxx.lst files after running the hot fix (or presumably installing the old versions manually)before the fix will work.

        I think you said you ran the fix, and it didn't work. Did you delete the Adobefnt.lst files afterward?

        At this point, what version of the Arial Narrow files do you have? Can you post the version numbers and the dates? That would clear up a few nagging questions.

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          Thank you so much for the kind and understanding reply.
          To clarify why I have the 2 versions of InDesign on my computer, when I first upgraded to CS3 I found that the Arial Narrow fonts were not available using ID CS3. After trying a couple of the earlier supposed fixes posted here to no avail I decided to keep the CS2 version on the computer so I could modify my previous projects when necessary.

          As to my concern about what would happen if the fix upset my only access to these projects I think I have adequately explained myself.

          I sincerely thank you for explaining how the difference between the CS2 & 3 can exist. I appologize for my last post since it happened in the lag time between postings. I think I will take a chance and attempt the Hot Fix now. Do you happen to have the appropriate link for this (I am on Windows XP SP3). If not I will try to find it in the thread. Once again thank you for your help.
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            >As to my concern about what would happen if the fix upset my only access to these projects I think I have adequately explained myself.

            Well, I didn't follow it. You seeemed to be saying that you don't trust a hot fix by Microsoft for an MS problem but that you would trust a fix by Adobe for an MS problem.
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              > Do you happen to have the
              > appropriate link for this

              I'd be willing to bet it's in this thread somewhere...

              Kenneth Benson
              Pegasus Type, Inc.
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                Hi Guys,

                This problem is due to a corrupt arial black font being deployed in Windows XP SP3. It is a Microsoft Issue, not an Adobe 1, Any product which uses the Arial Black font from via the Microsoft TTF rendering engine is affected.

                In order to resolve the issue:

                1 locate version 2.35 of the airal black font, you are looking for the file c:\windows\fonts\ariblk.ttf from a pre-sp3 windows XP machine
                2 close down all software on the affected machine
                3 c:\windows\fonts - delete Arial Black from the affected machine
                4 copy ariblk.tff to c:\windows\fonts on affected machine
                5 copy ariblk.tff to c:\program files\common files\fonts on affected machine
                6 copy ariblk.tff to C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe InDesign CS3\Fonts


                this should fix it.

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                  This does not work for VISTA cause adobe reader does not crete this path. So I am back to square one. Can anyone help?
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                    MatthewLaun Adobe Employee
                    I don't see any reference to the Adobe Tech Doc on this topic, so I'm posting a link to it here:

                    It contains this link to Microsoft's support document about the issue:
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                      I did both of these and the problem still persists.
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                        Tell us exactly what you did.
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                          Well, I have a problem too...

                          I just upgraded Photoshop CS2 to CS4, and my Arial Narrow font is missing from the list in CS4, it shows up in windows, and in CS2 just fine, but its completely missing from CS4. Arial is there (with a narrow option) and Black is there but the Arial Narrow with Regular, Bold, Italic, and Bold Italic are missing, completely.

                          I don't see how a windows fix is going to correct this since it shows up in windows and Photoshop CS2. I checked and I have Windows XP Professional 64bit (2003) with SP2

                          I was about to uninstall Photoshop CS2 from the computer when I noticed this, and my scanner doesn't seem to work with the Adobe CS4 64 bit program - apparently the Cannon 8800 only has basic drivers that work with the 64 bit version? All the advanced features are in the 32bit version of CS4 but completely missing in the 64bit version? Only the dumbed down scanner software seems to work in the 64bit version. I can't use that.

                          I guess I need to find a CS4 update already? Common Adobe, lets make this work, no one is using Vista, stop spending time on that.
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                            Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)
                            Did you try the patch? If you read the thread you'd see that this is a problem caused by new versions of MICROSOFT issued fonts and the way they are named internally. The fact that other programs read names differently from CS4 programs doesn't mean the update from Microsoft won't solve your problem.

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                              BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional
                              > I don't see how a windows fix is going to correct this since it shows up in windows and Photoshop CS2.

                              And for the life of me I can't understand the attitude of people simply
                              dismissing something without trying it.

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                                BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional
                                > no one is using Vista

                                Care to bet on that?

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                                  OK, you pompous as, I downloaded the Hot Fix and here's the message I get:

                                  Hotfix for Office (KB956514)
                                  There are no products affected by this package installed on this system.

                                  Now what???
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                                    SimonWarner Level 1
                                    Yeah like being rude is going to get you help.
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                                      Dov Isaacs Adobe Employee

                                      Get over it and simply apply the fix as advised. Microsoft acknowledged the bug in one of their Arial Narrow distributions. You may have gotten those fonts any number of ways including various Windows and Office updates.

                                      With regards to 32-bit versus 64-bit versions, in CS4 Adobe installs both the 32-bit and the 64-bit versions given that we know that many drivers, added value software packages, and third-party Photoshop plug-ins either haven't been updated with 64-bit versions or may never have those. The problem, simply stated, is that under Windows a program is either running fully 64-bit or fully 32-bit.

                                      - Dov
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                                        I have noticed this Font Missing issue as well on CS4 products, but I have whittled it down to "OPEN TYPE" fonts, which Adobe seems to be choking on.
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                                          > OK, you pompous as,

                                          Is that like a Save As?

                                          Kenneth Benson
                                          Pegasus Type, Inc.
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                                            I know that this topic is getting a little old, but I have looked through/tried each of the solutions presented by users in the thread and it seems that only a combination of things seems to work with the Arial Narrow version 2.37 or higher.

                                            I created shortcuts to the font files in the c:\windows\font folder and copied them to the C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe InDesign CS4\Fonts folder and ran In-Design. It still didn't work but generated a AdobeFnt11.lst file in the same folder. I opened the file using notepad and saw what everyone has been discussing about the style names all being called "Narrow". I simply edited the file and change the style entry for each and I now can see\use the fonts in In-Design.

                                            I feel though that this is only a temporary fix as I'm sure that file will get re-built occasionally and wipe out my changes. In the meantime at least I can work!

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                                              Well, I have something a little more strange to add to this thread...

                                              I upgraded my workstation to XP Pro and now have SP3 loaded on it. I also have 2 versions of ID on both my systems (laptop & desk system): CS & CS2. My workstation has ATM 4.0 on it, the laptop does not. Laptop has XP Pro as well, and both systems have Office 2003 loaded on them.

                                              I also use Acrobat 8 Pro on them. Some docs that I worked on from before now won't show Arial MT (Adobe PS) on CS2, but they show up in CS AND all Microsoft products.

                                              So, how can an issue with a TrueType font affect how CS2 displays a Postscript font in the lists?

                                              I tried all of the steps in Technote issue 328910 about regenerating the lists, but no dice. Have yet to try the Microsoft Hotfix...might give it a shot in the morning. At this point what do I have to lose?
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                                                Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)
                                                Your issue with Arial could simply be that you have both the TT and PS versions installed, and they may have the same internal name in the name field being searched by CS2. It's ALWAYS a potential problem when you have multiple versions of fonts with the same name installed simultaneously, and Microsoft has, unfortunately, not gone the route of renaming fonts when they make new versions.
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                                                  j_raymond Level 1

                                                  The versions of Arial on my systems are:

                                                  Arial - TT
                                                  Arial Black - TT
                                                  Arial MT - PS
                                                  Arial Narrow - TT
                                                  Arial Unicode MS

                                                  This all worked when I had Win2K installed on the workstation. Unfortunately, I have other software that isn't compatible with Win2K so I had to upgrade the OS.

                                                  The laptop is new (Dell Latitude D531), since the motherboard on my 5 year old Sony went out and no longer powered up. The Sony was also running Win2K on it.

                                                  Adobe's answer to fix it is to upgrade to CS4, and after reading through this entire thread it doesn't look like I'd be any better off and definitely much poorer upgrading the CS software when the current versions I have work fine for me (except for this "undocumented feature").

                                                  Even stranger is the font shows in Adobe Type Manager and is "active"...I even tried a remove of the ATM software and re-installed it. Cleared the .lst files each step along the way.

                                                  Adobe won't help at all...they no longer support CS2. I only hope the Microsloth Hotfix gets me there...

                                                  Just seems very strange that it only affects some of the postscript fonts on the machines...all of the 1100 TrueType fonts show up fine. I even de-selected a bunch of the fonts to try and narrow some things down. I've spent 2 whole days jacking with this problem, and this thread is the closest (I think) to what I am seeing, but it's actually a different font.
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                                                    BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional
                                                    How exactly did you upgrade that operating system? If it was an in place
                                                    upgrade all bets are off. Only a clean install should be done.

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                                                      j_raymond Level 1
                                                      I simply "upgraded" the OS...too many programs on the worksatation to do clean installs of every one. This is a dual 2.6 GHz Xenon system with 4 GB RAM on it. Even if I could find all the disks, I would spend days loading them (many of them are in boxes in storage).

                                                      Regardless, it makes no difference. I have exactly the same issue with a laptop that came from Dell with Windows XP Pro installed on it. All I did was install Creative Suite (CS and CS2) on it when it arrived, and it has the exact same issues as my upgraded workstation.
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                                                        Dov Isaacs Adobe Employee

                                                        Please don't double post!

                                                        I responded to the similar message you put at the end of another thread. See <<a href="/webx?13@@.59b813b3/2">Joe Raymond, "Lost Indesign CS2 fonts" #3, 22 Mar 2009 2:29 pm>.

                                                        Bottom line is that you really cannot reliably do in-place upgrades of Windows. It not only messes up support for fonts, but also drivers (including Acrobat's driver support). You will need to do a clean install of the operating system and reload all fonts and applications. (By the way, this is one of the best reasons to keep all of your data on a separate disk partition from your OS and programs!!!)

                                                        - Dov
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                                                          Dov Isaacs Adobe Employee
                                                          See my previous post. The source of your problem is 99.999999% likely to be you in-place OS upgrade!

                                                          - Dov
                                                          • 146. Re: Missing Fonts
                                                            j_raymond Level 1

                                                            Sorry about the double post, but I found this thread 3 or 4 pages back in my search, and since it seems to be more pertinent I jumped in.

                                                            The point you seem to be missing here is I have 2 systems with the same issues. My laptop is a clean system purchased from Dell 2 weeks ago. It has XP Pro SP3 on it. All I did was load CS & CS2 (and NOT ATM) on the system and registered it. It has EXACTLY the same issues as my workstation that I did the in-place upgrade on. The workstation was upgraded from Win2K.

                                                            We also do software development, so blaming the OS upgrade is an easy way out. But in this case, it can't be that since one system is a clean install, the other an upgrade and they both have the same problem. The chances of them being unrelated and being exactly the same would be astronomical.

                                                            My systems ARE partitioned and I always load my programs onto the "D" drives, but doing a "clean install" of Windows will still mean a reload of nearly every program on the system. Once the registry keys are gone, a reload of every program is the only way to get them back. And there are other programs that required installation on the root drive (like my FedEx shipping software) which, if reloaded will not have any of my history (thanks to the programs shortsightedness). I can't risk that... not when I have millions of dollars of inventory that I'm responsible for.

                                                            I'm sure after reading through all 144 posts in this thread that it MAY have something to do with SP3, but since I didn't try to use anything on the workstation while it was going through the upgrades I can't be 100% on it.

                                                            All I can say is, the "missing" Adobe postscript fonts show up in CS, and disappear in CS2...on both my systems. And I don't have them both open at the same time. I de-installed ATM from the workstation and tried all the steps in Technote 328910 to rebuild the font lists and they are still not there in CS2. I've looked in Photoshop, Illustrator & ID and they are all the same...the fonts are there in CS, but not in CS2.

                                                            My plan is to attempt the Hotfix first thing this morning. Then rebuild the lists again and see what happens.
                                                            • 147. Re: Missing Fonts
                                                              BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional
                                                              ATM 4.0 on any Win2K or WinXP can cause EXACTLY what you're seeing.
                                                              There's a registry fix floating around somewhere (Adobe called it a
                                                              patch, but it's not).

                                                              • 148. Re: Missing Fonts
                                                                j_raymond Level 1

                                                                See my reply above. I never loaded ATM on my new laptop, yet it has exactly the same issue as my workstation.

                                                                P.S. ATM Deluxe worked fine on my Win2K workstation for nearly 5 years.

                                                                Makes you scratch your head and wonder...
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                                                                  Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)
                                                                  Have you tried uninstalling either the the T1 or TT versions of the fonts, then switching, so only one version is active at a time?

                                                                  The patch Bob mentioned is here: http://www.adobe.com/support/downloads/detail.jsp?ftpID=1553
                                                                  • 150. Re: Missing Fonts
                                                                    j_raymond Level 1
                                                                    I tried the Microsoft Hotfix on my laptop, deleted all the Adobe##.lst files and rebuilt the lists and while it fixed the Microsoft Arial fonts so the families show up, I still can't see my Adobe Arial MT font in the drop-downs.

                                                                    Went back and copied the font to the Indesign fonts folder, deleted the .lst files again...no deal.

                                                                    I am working the problem on the laptop first, since it is a clean Windows XP Pro install, no ATM loaded on it so I have fewer variables to deal with.

                                                                    Any other ideas? I don't have an XP system with the old fonts on them, so I can't copy them over and see if it fixes it.

                                                                    I tried an experiment and am now really confused. I created a test document with ID CS and just put 1 line of text in Arial MT Bold across it. I then saved it, exported a PDF and closed down CS and opened the test document with CS2. It shows my Arial MT font as Arial (Unicode) Bold. I then opened Acrobat 8, opened the PDF I generated from CS and selected the Touch up Text tool and looked at the properties of the font. It shows the original font as Arial-BoldMT and the editing font as the same.

                                                                    Now, I then exported the document from CS2 as an Indesign Exchange document, opened it in CS and broke it. It lost the Arial MT fonts and said they were not on the system. After clearing the font lists again and re-opening CS, they show up again.


                                                                    I only have 1 instance of Arial MT on the system and it is Adobe, there is no TT equivalent on here.
                                                                    • 151. Re: Missing Fonts
                                                                      Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)
                                                                      But you have other fonts from Microsoft named Arial, yes? And I don't think Adobe ever supplied Arial MT. It is, or was, available from Monotype (through fonts.com) in T1, TT, and OpenType (Postscript flavored outlines).
                                                                      • 152. Re: Missing Fonts
                                                                        j_raymond Level 1
                                                                        I thought I had found something, but it didn't pan out. When I went to the fonts folder and tried to view the ArialMT Bold font, nothing showed up.

                                                                        So I deleted all 4 of the fonts and re-installed from the network folder I keep the backup in. I tried it again and got the text in the window. Then I reloaded the lists but it still isn't showing up.


                                                                        Not sure where I got the Arial MT family from. I usually only bought Adobe fonts, but this might have been an exception.
                                                                        • 153. Re: Missing Fonts
                                                                          @Dov Isaacs:

                                                                          Sorry, but i have the same issues with Adobe products not seeing Type 1 installed fonts on a clean install of WinXP 64, completely updated running updated versions of CS4 Design Premium applications.

                                                                          All of my other applications can use all of my installed fonts which means that its 99.999999% likely that this is a problem with Adobe's CS4 products, not the operating system.

                                                                          Tech support at Extensis says this is a well-known issue with CS4 products on the WIn XP 64 platform.

                                                                          The first step to solving a problem is to admit that you have one ;-)
                                                                          • 154. Re: Missing Fonts
                                                                            Level 1
                                                                            From: http://www.geek.com/articles/review/adobe-creative-suite-4-cs4-master-collection-wrap-up- 2009012/

                                                                            "For some extremely weird reason, CS4 applications running on a 64-bit operating system are incapable of loading Type 1 fonts installed in Windows. TrueType and OpenType fonts have no issues at all, but the Adobe Type 1 format is ignored altogether. How strange is it that an Adobe application cannot play nice with an Adobe file format? There is, however, a workaround: Type 1 fonts need to be installed to the C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Adobe\Fonts folder to be read by CS4 applications. And fortunately, through experimentation, I found that shortcuts work just as well, so the original font files can be kept where they are. This hurdle completely nullifies the functionality of a font management tool like Extensis Suitcase when it involves Type 1 fonts. And, to make matters worse, the 64-bit version of Photoshop does not use the same Common Files directory, and Type 1 fonts need to be installed in yet another location to be recognized in 64-bit mode."
                                                                            • 155. Re: Missing Fonts
                                                                              Dov Isaacs Adobe Employee
                                                                              Adobe applications explicitly are not supported on Windows XP 64-bit. CS4 is supported on Windows Vista 64-bit.

                                                                              - Dov
                                                                              • 156. Re: Missing Fonts
                                                                                Dov Isaacs Adobe Employee
                                                                                The article is dead wrong in two aspects:

                                                                                (1) Adobe has not supported any applications in Windows XP 64-bit.

                                                                                (2) There were known problems with CS3 applications seeing Type 1 fonts that are installed in the system font directory (but not those installed in the CS fonts directory) under Windows Vista 64-bit. This problem was fully resolved with CS4 in conjunction with Windows Vista 64-bit (including the Photoshop's 64-bit version!).

                                                                                We cannot vouch for what happens when you use third party font managers such as Extensis Suitcase.

                                                                                - Dov
                                                                                • 157. Re: Missing Fonts
                                                                                  j_raymond Level 1
                                                                                  It looks to me like it is a combination of things going on...

                                                                                  Since (in MY case) everything works fine in CS, but NOT CS2, it appears there was a fundamental shift in the way the fonts were handled in CS2 over CS and that this has been continued to today for CS4.

                                                                                  Also, the appearance that it seems to raise its ugly head when XP SP3 is installed tells me there is also a Microsoft element to the blame.

                                                                                  Whatever the case, I hope SOMEONE takes responsibility for it and FIXES IT! Not having access to certain fonts on my system is very frustrating when I can use them in every other application EXCEPT Adobe's.
                                                                                  • 158. Re: Missing Fonts
                                                                                    In a clean installation of Windows Vista 64 and Adobe InDesign CS4 we have found that we have lost all functionality of at least several OPENTYPE style fonts, too. These includes Arial Narrow, which when we check out previous documents created under CS3 with the same font, now only register the italic and bold faces. The regular face when input into a document only shows up with the bold face and will not change. Any ideas beyond fully uninstalling InDesign CS4 and reinstalling that component of the suite over again, in the hope that it will re-register the correct font locations to the application? HELP!
                                                                                    • 159. Re: Missing Fonts
                                                                                      BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional
                                                                                      Did you read this entire thread?