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    "Adobe PDF" resource file

      I am "climbing the walls" on this one - When I create document (book) in InDesign and print to PDF I get the following error:

      Unable to find "Adobe PDF" resource files
      C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\Adobe PDF\Settings\Adobe PDF Converter.joboptions.
      Do you want to run this installer in repair mode?

      I have been creating these same documents in InDesign and printed to PDF for months - I had even just, 5 - 10 minutes, before created this document successfully - but then all of a sudden BOOM it won't work.

      I have tried researching this problem but haven't found anything that works, HELP!!!

      Thank you,
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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)
          I had a similar problem at school last year. Since it was asking for a set of joboptions we never use, and that weren't installed, I made a copy of one of the existing sets and simply renamed it to the name that was in the error message.

          The problem went away, but I have no idea why it came up in the first place. My gut says that Adobe PDF Converter is an Office plugin, but that may not be right.

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            I just uninstalled/reinstalled Acrobat Professional 7 & I am still having the problem.

            Peter, how do I go about copying an existing set & where do I find?

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              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)
              The fastest way may well be just to open InDesign and go to File > PDF Presets > Define... and select one that you use, then click the "new" button and name it Adobe PDF Converter.

              You can also do a file search for *.joboptions (these are hidden files, so you have to enable that), and then open the folder where you find them, pick one, right click and select copy, right click again and select paste, and finally rename.

              It might be best to do this in the \Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\adobe pdf\settings directory, if more than one folder comes up. That should ensure that everyone will have access to the new file. While I thought that using the define dialog would place new files in that folder, it seems actually to put them in the user profile for the user who creates them, which could be a problem if more than one log-in is used on the machine.

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                peter minneapolis Level 4
                Hi, Reba:

                It's not clear to me if you mean that you've always printed to the Acrobat PDF printer with File > Print, and suddenly it's stopped working, or if you've always used File > Export to PDF, and have just now changed to File > Print. It's easy for a user to switch between the two methods, but it may introduce confusion to ID, depending on how your system is set up.



                Peter Gold
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                  Good morning Peter,

                  I appologize for the confusion - I have always used File > Print. I finally figured out what the problem was. The issue is definitly related to Microsoft. I installed the latest & greatest(?) service pack 3 on my machine - what a mistake that was!!! I uninstalled service pack 3 first thing this morning & low & behold I am now, once again, able to print to PDF thru ID.

                  Odd thing is that I was able to print to PDF in ALL my other programs I use on a daily basis (photoshop, coral, word, excel, etc.), just not in InDesign.

                  Thank you so very much for your insight and assistance with this issue. I am now able to take off my "climbing boots" & get a productive day in...

                  Have a wonderful day

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                    I am having this same issue. Microsoft was just updated on my computer to service pack 3. When I look for the job options under all users, like Peter suggested, they appear to be there. This seems to be an issue related to printing a book in PDF. I have been printing this same book in PDF for over a year now and just this week after the MS update I can't. I can export it to PDF and I can print regular documents to PDF.

                    I am concerned about removing MS service pack 3 and wondering if it could cause problems. Plus, I am not sure if I can do it. When I look on the add/remove program list, it shows service pack 3, but there is no file size. I am not sure it would really remove anything.

                    I would appreciate any help you can provide.
                    Thank you.
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                      Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)
                      I had no problem removing SP3 from my test system when I found it did nothing positive. You might have to run Windows update again to get the security patches (I think that would depend on what was previously installed before you ran the SP3 update), but most of SP3 is stuff that's been on the update list right along, so there are only a few new files that aren't included in other ways, and those seem to be what's causing problems when they arise.

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                        Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)
                        By the way, did you look at the application log in Event Viewer to see if there was any error message? Something in the back of my mind is whispering this might be a case of changed folder permissions, but that could just as easily be wind.

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                          Boyan M Level 1
                          I had similar problems after installing SP3, but I went the other way.
                          First I did was repairing Acrobat installation (in Acrobat Help>Repairing Acrobat Installation).
                          Then I deleted and recreated InDesign preferences. That's all. No problems with SP3 at all.
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                            To Boyan Mladenov. Would you please give the steps you used to overcome the issue caused by SP3? I am not an InDesign user myself but need to help a coworker cure this exact issue. How did you delete and recreate the preferences?
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                              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)
                              http://livedocs.adobe.com/en_US/InDesign/5.0/help.html?content=WSa285fff53dea4f86173837510 01ea8cb3f-6d1e.html
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                                PROBLEM SOLVED
                                I had the same issue - could not print because IDD could not find the .joboptions file.

                                A close look showed that the directory specified

                                c:\documents and settings\all users\documents\adobe PFF....

                                no longer existed. The ..\documents\.. directory was now called 'shared documents'. So I renamed that directory to 'documents' and that fixed the problem and the pdf printed.

                                You might have to set the option to allow you to 'see hidden system files'.

                                There are probably going to be other issues since I changed the directory name - but at least my .pdf documents print.

                                Somewhere in IDD there must be a setting allowing the user to specify where the .joboptions file is saved. ??
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                                  Okay, I find all the information very helpful; as it lets us know we're not completely crazy at our newspaper office (having the exact same problem with missing joboptions file).
                                  Here's the problem...I have no idea how to do what you are suggesting. No the previous editors were techno geeks, but the rest of us are definitely technologically challenged (i.e. we can use the system the same way you drive a car, but anything beyond getting in and driving are beyond us.)
                                  Could someone please simplify things down so we can get this fixed? We're a weekly and it's really causing headaches for us.
                                  Many, many thanks!
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                                    Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                                    I don't think there is a simpler explanation. Find a Geek among the staff's teenage offspring and let them have a go.

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                                      I had the same problem... it seams that there are more than one scenario leading to this error. Also happened to me after a SP3 update.
                                      No problem with the joboption files, nor with the folder name.

                                      Then I found this post :
                                      http://www.adobe.com/cfusion/webforums/forum/messageview.cfm?forumid=63&catid=570&threadid =1387178&enterthread=y

                                      It seams, at least for me, that the problem happens with a file saved before the sp3 update, in this case the print setup saved in the file is corrupt. I didn't had any problem with document created after the update.

                                      So... Just change the printer in the indesign print dialog then reselect adobe pdf.

                                      problem solved!
                                      hope it can help
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                                        I just tried changing the printer in InDesign to a different printer and then back again to Adobe PDF ... and it is working! Thanks for that tip.

                                        Ingrid :-)
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                                          O.k., this is nonsense. I too have the problem with the twist that everything converts fine except for a Quark file. Yes, printing to a different printer first helps. I don't know if the plugin is generating a specific filename for the .jobfile but in my scenario I was able to simply rename the Standard.jobfile to the one that was claimed to be missing and it worked. But these are workarounds for emergencies. I'm really gonna' scream if I find out it was something simple.
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                                            It seems to happen when setting the "Adobe PDF" as the Default Printer. If you don't set it as default... you don't have this issue.
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                                              I'm sorry, I don't understand any of this. Why in the world are you "printing" to the PDF printer driver instead of exporting PDF directly from InDesign? The PDF printer driver is for applications that don't know how to export PDF.


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                                                Thank you everyone for your helpful hints on the "job option" problem. I print to the PDF printer from Microsoft Access, apparently one of those applications that does not know how to export to PDF. This has happened previously when Microsoft have had updates. Yes SP3 recently installed.

                                                What is even more confusing is that some Access reports will print to the PDF printer while others within the same database will give the "job option" error.

                                                Any ideas anyone.
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                                                  I had a similar problem printing to Adobe PDF (as the default printer) and the error was exactly as described above.

                                                  Unable to find "Adobe PDF" resource files
                                                  C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\Adobe PDF\Settings\Adobe PDF Converter.joboptions.
                                                  Do you want to run this installer in repair mode?

                                                  Looking for this folder to see if the file was there, I could not see "Documents" in All Users. However when I tried to create a folder Documents, the error said it already existed. So, the folder structure exists, just not visible. Next, using a command prompt I navigated all the way to the Settings folder described above and looked to see if the Adobe PDF Converter.joboptions file was there. It was missing.

                                                  I took the advice of Peter Speir, find any .joboptions file, rename it and copy it to this location.

                                                  Copying to hidden folders has to be done at a Command prompt. If your not sure how to do this...
                                                  1. Copy a .joboptions file to c:\. I chose Standard.joboptions.
                                                  2. Rename to the file name it expects, in this case, Adobe PDF Converter.joboptions
                                                  3. Open a command Prompt (type cmd at Start, Run). Then navigate to the Root C:\ with this command

                                                  C:\Documents and Settings\All Users>cd c:\

                                                  4. Paste string below (or one that matches the location of the file you are missing) at the Command prompt. (To paste into the command prompt in XP, click the upper left corner of the command prompt window, select Edit from the context menu, and Paste).
                                                  (the below is actually all one line though here it may appear to be two lines).

                                                  C:\>copy ado*.joboptions C:\DOCUME~1\ALLUSE~1\DOCUME~1\ADOBEP~1\Settings

                                                  You could probably use the full folder names, i.e. instead of DOCUME~1, use Documents and Settings. I didn't try it. But if that fails, the above does work.

                                                  Might help, can't hurt. Worked for me!

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                                                    Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)
                                                    It's probably easier just to show system and hidden files from the folder options in Explorer so you can see what you're doing. ;)

                                                    The command prompt, in my opinion, is a last resort for when Windows is malfunctioning or you can't run a command any other way.
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                                                      Oh geez, the fix is easy.


                                                      DO This:


                                                      In windows explorer, where you go to see files,


                                                      1.  paste this into the top box


                                                      C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\Adobe PDF\Settings


                                                      and press Go


                                                      2.  Select Tools-Folder Options-View-Hidden Files:Show hidden files and folders


                                                      3.  Single click the file "Standard"


                                                      4.  Hold down control-c


                                                      5.  Click on the white part of the same box holding the "Standard" file - i.e. click off the standard file but in the same window holding that file.


                                                      6.  hold down control-v


                                                      7.  Right click the copy you just made.  Select rename.  Change the name to:     Adobe PDF Converter


                                                      You're done. It will work.

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                                                        Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                                                        I'm curious why you decided to re-open a thread that's more than a year old?