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    Flaw with conditional branching in Presenter

      I spent the better part of a week putting together a tutorial for our Power Breeze users on how to create and use branching in Presenter only to find that there is major flaw with the branching functionality in Presenter. I was hoping that someone else had encountered this and found a workaround method. Apparently the Breeze play bar “next slide” function does not interpret the conditions set for a quiz slide or a standard slide, so if the author instructs the Breeze player to "Go-To" a slide other than the next sequential slide, and the user selects next slide in on the Breeze player, the user will not be taken to the conditional slide both next slide in the power point slide deck. The only way to ensure that the user sees the slides in the order in which they were intended is to allow the player to finish playing the the current Breeze slide. Any impatient user can by pass the entire structural design of the presentation by pressing next. Since there is no way to disable the manual “next slide” function, a branched quiz response slide which may follow the quiz slide but not intended for certain responses the may inadvertently be accessed if the user does not wait for the Breeze player to finish playing the slide. Has anyone seen this problem or found a workaround?