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    Tabnavigator selectedindex

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      I am using a tabnavigator that contains a tabnavigator. I.E.

      <mx:TabNavigator id="irecTabNav" visible="false" selectedIndex="0" >
      <mx:Canvas id="myInfoTabID" label="My Information" >
      <mx:TabNavigator id="associateInfoID" >
      <mx:Canvas id="addressCanvasID" label="Addr. Info" />
      <mx:Canvas id="conInfoCanvasID" label="Contact Info" />

      <mx:Canvas id="designatedBrokerTabID" label="Manage My Company" >
      <mx:TabNavigator id="dbInfoID" >
      <mx:Canvas id="dbAssociatesCanvasID" label="Associates" />
      <mx:Canvas id="companyCanvasID" label="Company Info" />

      After some other events occur (login) I make the irecTabNav visible. I am able to select the correct tab by using the irecTabNav.selectedIndex = 0; The problem is that the tab itself is not highlighted so there is not any visual indication which tab is active. To get around this I have to run the following commands after the login stuff gets executed:

      irecTabNav.selectedIndex = 1;

      In the function setTab I execute the command:
      irecTabNav.selectedIndex = 0;

      This works and the correct tab is now selected and highlighted but it is a pain in the butt. Anybody have a better way of highlighting the selected tab???

      Thanks in advance for the help!!!

      Have an Ordinary Day...
      KomputerMan ~|:-)