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    Re: Locked template error

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      I had this problem occur again when I was using nested templates. My
      prior 'fix' of turning off the style view didn't work this time. I came
      across a posting ( http://tinyurl.com/6qejzg) that suggested that there
      was an XHTML coding error somewhere on the template:

      >NV says:
      >Comment posted on 06/20/06 @ 8:22 am
      >I was having this same maddening problem. I found that using "Commands
      -> Clean up XHTML" fixed the problem. The summary said that >3 tags were
      made into lowercase, and that somehow fixed the problem. It might be
      different for you, but worth a shot I guess.

      I ran the command and fixed two XHTML errors (non-lowercase tags), and
      now all is well:)