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    Remote Rollover help using AS2

      I'm a new to Flash and not a developer. Use Flash for financial education seminar project as a financial advisor. Created a Flash project using Adobe Livemotion 2. I recently upgraded to Flash CS4 and trying to recreate same project with Flash. Have 4 title buttons for the seminar topics that when I rollover with mouse brings up description of the slideshow. Trying to get Topic descriptions fade in with alpha (transparancy) 0 to 100 upon rollover. When you move mouse away alpha 100 to 0 should fade out. Clicking button will start slideshow which I know how to do. This is simple in Livemotion with states. Not sure how to do this using Actionscript 2 in Flash CS4. In Livemotion have this script for fade in on over state.

      _parent.Longterm_Group.lmSetCurrentState("Longterm _Fadein");

      Fade out is


      As there is an over state for a button in Flash, can you assign AS 2 script to the over state for a button to affect another movie clip properties?

      Thanks for any help you can offer!