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    Need help with Drop Down Menu _ URGENT!!

      Hello -

      I'm new to Dreamweaver. I actually have an old version (Dreamweaver MX 2004).

      I'm updating a website for work and this needs to be done as soon as possible so I'd appreciate if anyone can be so kind as to shed light on ANYTHING. =/

      This is what I need:

      I need a drop down menu; when a selection is chosen, I need information regarding that selection to appear on the bottom of the page. (I am working off an Excel sheet - it has list of service descriptions along w/ the unit price, frequency & other fields. So If I chose "database hosting" off the drop down list, information would be generated (ie. it's corresponding unit price, frequencies, etc.)

      I've attached an example of a code but I cannot use that code (which has JavaScript) to tweak what I need exactly.

      I am VERY new to this so if anybody can help be out I would GREATLY appreciate it.