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    AI file import in FW and then export to PNG moving text away

      Hello, we have an issue with Fireworks CS4 having some problems when opening AI (CS4) files and then exporting them to PNG. The steps to reproduce it are:
      1. Create a file in Illustrator CS4, type some text, save the file in AI format.
      2. Open the AI file in Fireworks CS4, the text appears ok at this point.
      3. Save the file as PNG from Fireworks CS4 and close the file.
      4. Open the PNG file in Fireworks CS4... and the text has been moved to "Y" coordinates 8-thousand-and-something.
      This is happening with Fireworks and Illustrator 14.0.0. This problem might be related to the previous thread ("FW CS4 - BIG problems with text-engine!") but I'm adding this thread since that one seems to be dealing with files created originally in FW.