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    Easily reduce size of bloated PDF

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      A customer needed to send me a PDF for a job I'm doing. It was 14 mb. and
      too big to email. I told her to use yousendit.com which she tried, but her
      internet connection was not reliable and it kept timing out. I wanted to try
      to get her to reduce the PDF (she did not create it) to get it under 10 mb.
      She did not have Acrobat, but had ID. She tried placing it into ID and
      exporting a new PDF -- still 14 mb. She printed to PDF (not Adobe's,
      something else she had) -- still 14 mb.

      Eventually she opened it on Photoshop where we found it was actually a
      layered PSD. She flattened it and saved it as a highest quality JPG and it
      got it down to 4 mb. which she emailed me.

      Was there a better way to handle this? I realized afterwards that maybe
      zipping the original PDF would have done the trick?

      In fact in the end, we decided not to use the JPG but to have her put it
      onto a CD which we would pick up (15 minute drive).

      How would you have handled this?