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    Compiling Flex SDK

      I have developed an application with Flex Builder 3 and it works fine.
      When I compile the same application with Flex SDK compiler mxmlc,
      the application compiles fine and it works partically except the HttpService request gives me a Security Sandbox violation.
      I am compiling with -use-network=true
      What else do I need to do with Flex SDK to get out of this sandbox? It works fine with Flex Builder 3.
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          Gregory Lafrance Level 6
          Probably FB, being an IDE, allows you to act as if you were on the network, so -use-network=true may be ignored (unless you execute the SWF outside of FB).

          The command line probably respects -use-network=true so for testing set to false, and when putting the SWF on the network set to true.