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    Error with component Loader

      I am collaborating in the production of a DVD with Flash 8 in actionscript 2.0 and I have a problem. In my work I often use the "component loader" to load external movies with swf extension. The same page which has the component loader also has several html text boxes with links (e.g. "<a href////="asfunction:myFunction">Click here</a>";) which execute functions defined by me in actionscript. When I use the windows application [to see the DVD in] directly from the PC's DVD player, it is natural that films take a little longer to load, but the problem is that if I click a link of the text while the movie is being loaded, everything vanishes from the screen. The strangest of all is that if I open the DVD with the html file using a browser (Mozilla, for example), none of this happens and everything works fineperfectly. Can someone help me understand why this happens and how I can solve this problem? Thank you in advance for your help.
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          robdillon Most Valuable Participant
          From your description, it sounds like your Flash movie will play, at least partially, from the DVD player application on your computer. The .swf file format is recognized by a lot of player applications. Sometimes they even play correctly. However it sounds like your DVD player app doesn't fully understand your movie. This is probably not the best tool to use to play your Flash files.

          When you play your files from the browser, you are using the Flash player in that browser and so things work as they should. If you want your Flash files to play directly from the DVD disk without having to use a browser then you should publish your Flash as an .exe. In any case don't rely on the DVD player app for playback.
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            aalves007 Level 1
            Thanks, Rob, for the help.