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    PLEASE HELP: DW suddenly lost its site info, started over as if out of the box!

      I hope someone can help me quickly! I opened Dreamweaver CS3 a few minutes ago to update a page on one of my sites and it opened as if just-installed, straight out of the box. I opened "Sites" and "Manage Sites" and it was blank, as if I didn't have any sites at all; it didn't know about any of the sites I've built and been maintaining for years!

      I use Mac OSX Leopard, have Time Machine, thought about restoring from backup the files in my user library Application Support > Adobe > Dreamweaver 9, but I don't know that that's the problem. What causes DW suddenly to lose all site information? What file(s) is that information on, and if I find the file(s), how do I get DW to recognize it again?

      Can anyone help me?