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    Missing fonts in CS4. Works fine in CS3.

    Wonderful Union

      When I open a file created with Fireworks CS3 that contains a particular typeface. Fireworks prompts me that the system cannot find this font. However, the font is active on my system and when opening the document in CS3 it opens without any errors. If I choose to update legacy text in CS4 it does not read the typeface name the same as it did in CS3.


      Does the new Fireworks CS4 read fonts differently from CS3? Such as by family name vs. font name.
      When I try to access the particular typeface I'm using. It does not show the weights that I had been using in CS3.

      For instance the typeface I was using was "Vag Rounded".

      This typeface shows up as:
      18 VAG Rounded Black 09390
      18 VAG Rounded Bold 07390
      18 VAG Rounded Light02390
      18 Vag Rounded Thin 55390

      A total of 4 available fonts.

      In CS3 this shows up as all 4 potential options.
      However, CS4 it only shows up as VAGRounded.

      I have posted a screenshot of how the font menu differentiates between the programs.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.