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    Index does not work correctly in Firefox

      I use WebHelp in Robohelp and had created my Index with the index wizard. I recently had complaints about wrong topics opening when using the index. This does not happen with content. I have not looked closer at search to see if it is happening here.

      When I went back to troubleshoot, I discovered that all the links were correct. Further investigation showed that the problem was only happening in Firefox not in IE. The problem also did not occur all the time. I then realized that it was isolated to topics within books or secondary level topics. The first time that you click on a link that is a sublevel in your TOC it would go to the main topic (book level). The breadcrumb only shows that level. But the next time you would click on a link it would go one level further (topic page level). So, if you clicked on the link twice, the first time it would go to the level above and the second time it would go to the correct level. (First click breadcrumb AA>BB and the second click AA>BB>CC. The first click should take it to the second example, not the first.) This only happens in Firfox. I am viewing it in Firefox 3.0.1. Is there a work around for this? I do not know how to correct it. The only solution I have is to eliminate the index altogether which would not be fun since I also have a custom created skin that includes the index that would need to be redesigned.