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    FlexBuilder vs. Eclipse

      I have a xml file and I want to find out where the tag data is being used in the application.
      All I see under the search menu in Flex builder is References and Declarations.
      And both returns nothing when I search for the tag string being used any where in the application.
      Also why is there no simple file or string search for the whole project in Flex Builder?
      I find it very inconvenient to work with flex builder.

      Can any one tell me how to do a simple string search that will search the entire project?

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          John Hall Level 4
          I'm not set up to test right now (whether or not it works on file refs or just class/script names) but hover over the code segment and if it pops up a tooltip showing the locatoin or class associated with the snippet, press F3 and it should take you to the reference.

          As far as searching the whole project, use Control-Shift-F