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    trying to create a visual browser

      I need to make a Visual Browser similar to that in Encarta as part of my homework. I had two options in terms of the technologies to use: 1. JavaScript/HTML and 2. Flash. I have a good hand in JavaScript but using that would have meant I wouldnt have learnt much from the assignment, so I decided to use Flash.
      I am a complete noob girl to Flash. I have access to Flash8 and FlashMX2004.

      I was wondering if its possible to create a component or something. Some 'X' (variable value), maximum 10, components can instantiated and rotated in an elliptical path using ActionScript/ otherwise...
      The component will have some static portion in its display. and i will be displaying an image or a small video clip within that component...

      I am really trying hard but I am not getting the things properly.. Could someone do a quick small prototype that I can use as a tutorial or help me build one by pointing to tutorials..

      Perhaps we can start with 6 buttons moving in an elliptical fashion.. If will be great if I can control the number of buttons somehow preferably from within ActionScript. Ultimately I will be converting those buttons to advanced buttons that use the type movie and not the type button so that I have advanced control over them and can insert image/video.

      Thanks in advance.