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    Is this wheel wrong?

      Why is the complementary color of RED (255;0;0) is 255;94;0?
      The opposite color mixed with original are grey. This means complementary color of RED (255;0;0) is 0;255;255.
      You can use Photoshop to mix that colors and see the result. (overlay with 50% opacity)

      Or "kuler" wheel have other idea of the hues logical order?
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          PMM Adobe Employee

          Would you mind providing us with a bit more information? We want to make sure we understand your question correctly.


          The Kuler Team
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            groove25 Level 4
            What you're noticing is this:
            The kuler wheel emulates an RYB (red-yellow-blue) color model--even though, just like Photoshop, it's based on a RGB system. This shifts all the complementary hues (e.g., instead of red-cyan, the complement pair is red-green).
            The same color model is used in Illustrators color guide. I, too, would love to know why this choice was made.

            For an alternative, check out ColorJack, which allows you to select either RGB or RYB color models: