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    @font-face fontSize selection?

      Does anyone know if it is possible in Flex css to choose which specific font size is used to generate the font sizes used by Flex? Specifically I am using HousePaint
      which has slightly different outlines at lower font sizes that when blown back up to full size look terrible.

      It looks like I can use Flash to do this properly (by creating a dynamic text field and embedding), but was wondering if there was a way to do this on Flex CSS with the @font-face tag, ala:

      @font-face {
      fontFamily: 'HousePaint';
      fontSize: 50;
      unicode-range: 'U+0021-U+00FF, U+2022'; /* whole range of uppercase, lowercase, symbols and punctuation, plus bullet. */

      I have just had a number of issues in the past with including SWF embedded fonts not showing up properly so doing that is sort of a last resort, and it seems like something that would happen pretty frequently. I guess another option would be to not-so-simply load the font into a font editor and remove the lower resolution options, but that seems like the nuclear option to me...

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          slaingod Level 1
          So I figured out I needed to open up the font in Fontlab/etc. and remove all TT hinting to fix the outlines issue at lower point sizes. But I am still unable to get my font to show up when embedded in Flex, whether as TTF, OTF or SWF. I'm guessing there is some issue with how the font is named or fontWeight/Style, etc. I've changed these in Fontlab but to no avail. Anyone with any ideas or help would be appreciated.