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    License Redirection file

      I've resently installed Adobe Creative Suite 2 Premium onto my new Bell dimemsion 9200. I activated it and it worked fine. But now nothing works I get a message "The license redirection file exists but can't be opened or read" and the program falls over. Can anyone help
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          There is something rotten about the LIM that adobe is using. C-dilla or safedisk as it is now being called has a controversial history. The original furore over its use was when it became bundled with quicken and quickbooks. Then as now, the ocmpany using it was very quiet about a. installing it and b. what it actually does. Due to public pressure quicken intuit withdrew usage.

          Elements (1) of Adobe CS2 (and earlier versions) install C-dilla (2) without telling you that it is doing so.

          On two machines I have had the c-dilla software fight with my firewall, disable my antivirus (nortons) and disable the cd rom & or DVD rom. It doesn't seem to like methlabs peer guardian or dvd shrink either.

          The c-dilla software has also disabled my legitimite copies of Adobe software (while ignoring the one piece of illigitimite Adobe software I installed to test it).

          Uninstalling c-dilla from add/remove apps does not work as it installs spray fashion and is designed to be problematic in removal. On my laptop I had to format the HD to remove the f****r. Adobe admit to installing the software in some news articles but are very quiet about it on their website.

          I wouldn't care but this software seems to attack other pieces of software on my system such as demon tools, recordnow, norton antivirus, Kerio firewall (which is a crap firewall anyway as it is no where near as configurable as sygate for example). I also found that the software interfared with mailwasher pro and eudora.

          C-dilla also writes to boot sector 33 which is a very viral activity for a number of reasons.

          Can anyone tell me how to disabe the c-dilla and still allow me to run (my legal copies) of Illustrator, photoshop and acrobat exchange?

          It seems that to run adobe software that I have purchased adobe are now dictating what I am allowed to install onto my computer.



          PS Since I posted this on a few geek sites, I have done a lot more research on this topic, and none of what I have found is very encouraging. C-dilla is part of macrovision and has the ability to insert and report data. As to Adobe and how much of those abilities they are utilising I cannot guess.

          1. Either adobe acrobat or adobe bridge
          2. a macrovision protection system monitoring software.
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            I ought to add that there is a possibility that your hard disk is corrupting, or that you have deleted some of the c-dilla files or the adobelm_cleanup.0001 files.

            Failing all that , the c-dilla has decided that it doesn't like the otehr software that you have on your system and disabled the adobe software as a result of its arbitrary processes.

            There is an adobe tech note on it, under the adobe contribute header.

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              Hi Mike, try to see if you have permissions to read the files located here:

              C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Adobe Systems\Product licenses

              Get properties on the file and goto the Security tab. Maek sure you have read access to the file.

              If you don't know how to do this, call customer support and they can help you.

              Also, please let them know if you used any 3rd party products like PCMover to migrate software from an old machine.
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                I used PCmover and now have the exact same problem. I tried re-installing from the CS2 disks and that went OK but didn't help. Any ideas for what to do next?
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                  I am also looking for the answer, because I am certain my situation is related to this. After installation and activation of Adobe Photoshop CS2 in our lab's computer, some user profiles were created (windows XP Pro SP2). Now, CS2 cannot be loaded from any of the user profiles. It gives a message titled Adobe Activation with a big red cross beside it: "You don't have sufficient permission to activate and run this product".

                  I can still do a Run As from an administrator account, but the users cannot have access to the program. I would be glad if someone could comment on this.
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                    Well sorry but I can't help but you can try lots of things like Microsoft Windows Vista/XP Help and support center. It Might help
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                      Why dont you copy the shortcut onto a administrators desk top and go on the program on the desktop AS an administrator or call up a Customer service number
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                        The License Redirection files are located here:

                        C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Adobe Systems\Product licenses\*.FF1

                        They are the *.FF1 files.
                        Get properties on them and add permissions so that everyone can read them.

                        If you used a product like PC Mover, sometimes it doesn't copy the permissions on the files.

                        If you need help, please call customer support and they should be able to walk you through.
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