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    Want to Buy Another Person's Copy of CS3.  What is the Transfer of Ownership Process?

      I have someone who wants to sell me their copy of CS3. I think (but don't know for sure) that it's acceptable to buy someone else's original copy of the program as long as they transfer ownership and deactivate it on their own computers.

      I'm assuming that part of the process would be that if I buy their copy, then they must deactivate it on their own PC, and that once I activate it on my PC (and register it), I'd be legally the new owner.

      Is that correct, or would the seller and I be in violation of the Adobe license agreement in some way? Can the original owner sell his/her copy of CS3 to someone else as long as they transfer ownership and deactivate their the software on their own PC or PCs?

      I'm just trying to figure out if I can legitimately obtain a copy of CS3 in this manner or if there are things I'm not taking into account. Is there any reference source with Adobe to which anyone can point me in this?

      Is there some sort of transfer of ownership that needs to take place? Is there perhaps a form that needs to be filled out that constitutes a transfer of ownership agreement between the seller and buyer?

      Thanks for any feedback!