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    Uninstall and Deactivate Lightroom with Volume License

      I just installed Lightroom on a brand new Mac. This is a volume license copy for a business. Turns out, the Mac is messed up and I'm sending it back. How do I uninstall and deactivate the license so I can reinstall it on the new machine without having it count against the license? I've already spent an hour on the phone with Adobe being transferred 8 times only to get no answers... I've got to send this Mac back tomorrow and I need to get this done! Any clue on how to do this?



      btw, I telecommute, so I'm not at the business location.
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          Hi Candice,

          Adobe volume license versions of its software currently does not require activation/deactivation. Also, I'm not aware of Lightroom being activation-enabled.

          In any case, if you cannot uninstall the software because your Macintosh is "messed up", then I would not worry about it. The next time you attempt to use the software and you are not able to activate, call up customer support about your situation (it is not uncommon) and they will be able to grant an activation override for you.