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    Transfer License from PC to Mac

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      I'm just in the process to switch from Windows to MacOS. I tried my old licenses from Photoshop CS3 on the Mac, but it doesn't work (other like Lightroom which works fine on MacOS).

      What can I do...I would like to give back the PC license and get a MacOS license. But as I do not want to use it on both machines, I didn't like the idea to buy a second copy.

      Although could I run an MacOS Updateversion with a previous Windows license?

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          Seems like the answer is no. I had the same question and just found this:

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            The actual answer is: it depends.

            If you purchase your license for Photoshop CS3 as a retail product (i.e., in a box at retail outlet or a web retailer), then the license is platform-specific.

            However, if the purchase of Photoshop CS3 is part of a volume licensing, acquired through any of Adobe's Open Option licensing programs, then the license is full cross-platform (Windows/Mac OS and vice-versa).

            There are important reason and restrictions for this policy.
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              Adobe Customer Service might be able to sell a "crossgrade".

              Aandi Inston
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                Hi Juan Carlos,

                what exactly are these important reasons for this policy? It basically means that I have to buy two copies of Photoshop if I have a PC at work and a Mac at home - which I do. Not only that. This doesn't only apply to the platform. The licensing applies to the LANGUAGE as well. Our little company has german and english speaking employees and we would need to buy two copies of Photoshop for Windows for example just to support German and English.

                This kind of licensing policy may have made sense in the 90s but not today. Adobe is doing the right thing with Lightroom which is multi-language and cross-platform with a single license. So it can be done.

                Please please fix this for Photoshop and the other programs as well. Otherwise Adobe just looks greedy.

                Best regards
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                  Your feedback is important and I'm forwarding it to the right people within the organization. Thanks for making the comparison with Lightroom in the same context.

                  - Juan-Carlos
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                    Hmmm, interesting reading. I'm just about to ditch PC and go for all Mac at work, at home and travelling, for wife for student children...the whole lot.
                    As I already have photoshop CS2, for PC, does this really mean I'll have to binit and then buy an entire new Photoshop for Mac which I see is retailing at UK£640 at the moment - ouch!
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                      Hi William,

                      you can get a cross-platform upgrade from CS2 to CS3 from Adobe but you can do that only once per license. The price is the same as a regular upgrade on the same platform.

                      For some reason the German upgrade is 300 EUR whereas the English upgrade is 240 EUR only. I'd say that's called the "consumer surplus", i.e. the german customers are willing to accept a higher price for localized software.

                      So if you want to go all Mac then just get a cross-platform upgrade and you're done.

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                        No.Sorry, You Can't.License key comes secondary here since Adobe issues two seperate versions of Photoshop for Windows & Mac Operating systems.
                        Even i once asked the same problem about Photoshop for Mac & got a huge shock after hearing what i said just now..:(
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                          bamboostar Level 1

                          According to this thread on creative cow, you can switch for a nominal fee.



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                            neurobound Level 1

                            Why they want you to promise to not use your previous platform is beyond me considering they allow you to have it installed on multiple PC's so long as you're only using one at a time (at least, that was the policy from what I recall)


                            I'd love to be able to have my adobe software installed on my Macbook, but Adobe has restricted me to only use it on my PC workstation. This should be improved, it doesn't serve anyone. As usual, legitimate users get the short end of the stick.


                            Please improve this Adobe.

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                              PrinceKheldar Level 1

                              I strongly agree with your "legitimate users" part. What's the point in paying for the Software if the company makes it more painful to use than a PirateBay(TM) version? It does make the legit user look like a nitwit... I pay for software I want, not because I'm a good guy but because I'd like the company to still be here next year when I'll need them. But I hate to find such obstacles in my workflow.

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                                Mr_Elmo Level 1

                                It would seemed like I am not alone in this. Just spoke to Adobe for my Adobe Production Premium CS3, on installing on multiple platform (on both PC and Mac - same user) and they would like me to upgrade to CS4 and pay for the upgrade... I told them that I wasn't expecting that and have no reason to do so given that CS3 is serving me well. It is just that I would like to use the software on 2 different platforms and this weighs heavily in the next purchase of the platform for the computer that I am considering. Basically, legitimate users are getting penalised for trying to do the right thing.


                                Adobe needs to understand that there is a group of supporters who would eventually move away, if they fail to see the logic (if any) behind the company's policies in this matter, over time. Afterall, more and more people are going to have systems on dual platforms with computers becoming much more affordable and accessible now, than in the past.



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                                  mike.kent Level 1

                                  I just bought a Win -> Mac crossgrade for Photoshop by phone;

                                  it took just about 5 minutes and was an easy transaction with

                                  a pleasant service guy.




                                            go to www.adobe.com

                                                 click on "contact"

                                                 on next page, click "other phone numbers"

                                                 call number listied for "licensing, registration web services"


                                                 told the agent I wanted to crossgrade from CS2 on PC to

                                                      CS5 on Mac  


                                                 verified name, address, e-mail address

                                                 he (evidently) checked licensing/registration

                                                 he offered full Mac retail package at upgrade price

                                                      (plus shipping and sales tax)

                                                 I gave him credit card info


                                                 within five minutes, I had confirmation e-mail including

                                                      all the order conf data in a nice oficial-looking PDF

                                                      complete with Adobe letterhead


                                  (and while I'm waiting for the package to arrive, I can make use

                                  of the 30-day trial CS5 for Mac ... )


                                  Now this is for a cross-grade which means I'm not going to continue

                                  to use CS2 on the PC and apparently they found all my registration

                                  data with no trouble, but all in all it was about as easy as these

                                  things get.


                                  I don't recall ever using Adobe customer service before, but if this

                                  is anything like typical, it's a lot better than its reputation.



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                                    mike.kent Level 1

                                    Following up ...


                                    The retail package for CS5/Mac arrived today.


                                    The install hiccupped at the point where I typed in the

                                    ser# for the previous version -- it was recognized as a

                                    valie ser# but not qallifying for the Mac install.  Called

                                    the same Adobe customer service phone # and went

                                    through voice menu to "installation help", at which point

                                    I got a different competent and pleasant agent, gave her

                                    my identifying info and the serial #s from the upgrade

                                    and from the old software, and we did a little challenge /

                                    response dance step.  Then install continues, and

                                    a couple of minutes later, PS CS5 is installed.


                                    Elapsed time to install, including phone call, about

                                    twenty minutes.

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                                      Jugemon76 Level 1

                                      That upgrade issue would have been the case

                                      in version CS4, but the difference with CS5 is that the installer accepts a qualifying version on a different platform or language, which simplifies the cross-platform and cross-language process. For some reason this does not work always, so unlocking will be necessary.

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                                        neiljohnholden Level 1

                                        I have been running  CS4 on both my I-Mac and MacBook Pro.


                                        Unfortunately I no longer have my MacBook Pro and I am looking to replace it with either a PC laptop or netbook.


                                        I am looking to upgrade from CS4 to CS5. Will I be able to run CS5 on both my new PC as well as my I-Mac?

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                                          Jugemon76 Level 1

                                          Creative Suite products are for one specific platform only, so you have to make a choise.

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                                            Rusty Sterling Level 1

                                            This thread was helpful as were a few other web pages I visited. I recently made the switch from PC to Mac. On my PC I was running CS4. I called Adobe Customer Service to asked about a cross-platform upgrade from PC CS4 to Mac CS5. No sweat. I got the upgrade for the standard upgrade price. They also told me that I could continue using CS4 on my PC. I did inquire about deactivating it and providing a letter that I would not use the old version. But they lady I talked with said that was no necessary and I was free to use the CS4 version on my PC and the CS5 on the Mac. So I'm a happy camper. Love the Mac. It took a little bit of getting use to the Mac version of Photoshop but not a whole lot. Just a few quirky differences.

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                                              Rocknhead Level 1

                                              Lotus, heads up. I am going thru the same situation next year and I will not be willing to pay you for a mac and win license. You may be losing a customer with these antiquated licensing practices. Photoshop should be licensed exactly like Lightroom. I personally dont care what you do with the corporate licensing but us poor individuals need a break.

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                                                deborah0302 Level 1

                                                YES - YOU CAN.


                                                I had Adobe CS2 Premium for PC (6 years old) when my PC died two weeks ago.  I called the 1-800 number listed in the "Stores" section and the representative asked for my s/n - after confirming s/n, I was able to purchase an upgrade to CS5 Master Collection with her right then.  This process took about two minutes.  It might have been longer if I had not registered CS2 six years ago... so, register, register, register !!


                                                They shipped the discs (about 3 days), and I installed them just now.  I had to enter my PC's CS2 s/n, then the s/n for the Mac CS5 Master Collection.  When it finished instlaling, it opened with no trouble (aside from having to download java runtime for free).  I did not have to call Support for any activation issues.


                                                I've had trouble before just upgrading from one suite to another at work, and this time it was seamless and trouble-free.  I'd say they've worked out their licensing issues, which I truly appreciate because they were really frustrating.


                                                Your best bet is to call the 1-800 number in "Stores" and see what they can do for you.  I was really astonished at how little trouble it was, not to mention that CS2 is so old, it shipped with the web elements in Macromedia Studio packaging.

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                                                  Rusty Sterling Level 1

                                                  Thanks Deborah. Actually, I ended up calling the 800 number and got the cross platform upgrade, sold the old version to a friend and we successfully transferred the license to him. It is all good.

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                                                    Jugemon76 Level 1

                                                    Oh, no, you cannot do that. Your upgrade is tied to the previous version, and you are not eligible for it unless you own previous version. When transferring licenses, you must transfer all the licenses, as well, the whole path to the first full version.

                                                    It is clearly in the EULA parts 4.6 and 5.


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                                                      Rusty Sterling Level 1

                                                      I was told by the operator on the 800 number that I could transfer the license. If she was wrong then that is Adobe's problem.

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                                                        jeanoroid Level 1

                                                        I just spent 15 minutes on two separate occasions with the same very-stoned sounding Adobe rep who explained "why" i could not buy an upgrade/extra license for my Mac unless I paid FULL PRICE. Pretty lame deal considering I've been a faithful, legally upgrading Adobe customer since the days of PS4. Thinking back on the thousands I have thrown at Adobe over the years, to get the "Tuff ****, you shouldn't have bought multiple platforms" answer from a very smartassy kid simply gets my goat.


                                                        I am not happy - at all.


                                                        The fact is.. I was willing to give Adobe $600 tonight to get the upgrade to CS5.5 for my home office Mac. But being informed that my work office PC CS4 will "stop working" and that I have no options in regard to volume licensing I will not be giving Adobe any of my money. In fact, I would have purchsed the upgarde for the office anyway.


                                                        Guess what? Not now.


                                                        Longtime customer here - signing off from buying Adobe upgrades for good.

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                                                          ProDesignTools MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                                                          Hi Jean, it can be confusing and you may not have gotten the best guidance - but if you already own CS4 then in theory you should be able to purchase an online upgrade to a Adobe CS5.5 volume/business license, which could help by giving you serial numbers for both the PC and Mac platforms

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                                                            Houston.Brown Level 1

                                                            I upgraded from the CS3 Master to CS4, Both on PC. I now want the new PS5.5 but on a MAC platform. Why is it that for a single user I can not just sign a letter of destruction and pay a nominal fee for and upgrade. I am told that even if I downgrade to "Design Premium" suite, it will still cost me $649.00. Since I have saved up for god knows how long so I could get a new iMac 27" now I am having to spend $650 more on software that I already own but can not move over to a new platform. I am happy with CS4 but I am being forced to got to CS5.5 in order to move it over. How are the little guys suppose to do this? Talked to several people at adobe about this including a supervisor, they can't do anything, or won't.


                                                            Can I get some help with this? Are there any other options?


                                                            Many thanks,


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                                                              mike.kent Level 1

                                                              This is (per Adobe web site) the same price you'd pay to upgrade Win CS4 to Win CS5;

                                                              Adobe allows a platform switch along with the upgrade, no extra charge.  As to why an

                                                              upgrade from old Master to current Design Premium is more expensive than from old

                                                              Design Premium ... it's Adobe's pricing policy.


                                                              I can speculate as to Adobe's business ressons for the policies, but it's only speculation:


                                                              I suspect that, in part, they are concened that some users will upgrade version, downgrade

                                                              package, and discover that many/most features from the old install / expensive version will

                                                              still work even though not "included" in the new / less-expensive version.  You (and I, of

                                                              course) are honest and would be careful not to exploit this, but the world has a noticeable

                                                              population of villains.


                                                              As to why they don't support switching from Win CS4 to Mac CS4, I can think of several

                                                              reasons, but in the end they come to not wanting to maintain stock (web or physical) or to

                                                              extend ther support burden for prior versions.

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                                                                callista14 Level 1

                                                                As a university student I purchased Creative Suite CS5 Design Premium online from Amazon UK about 18 months ago for my PC. I am about to purchase a new Apple Mac Notebook and need to know if I can upload my Creative Suite software onto a Mac OS?

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                                                                  binewski Level 1

                                                                  I am in a similar situation to you, Houston.


                                                                  Spent months saving for a MacBook Pro - last time I checked, there would be no fee to switch from Windows to Mac platform...


                                                                  I finally get the MBP tonight and go to switch my CS4 Design Standard but an upgrade is required... I'm annoyed after spending £2299 but it's probably time I upgraded... but oh wait! I'm not eligible for the upgrade so I have to pay £1200 for software I paid £1200 for, four years ago.


                                                                  This is simply unacceptable and I am so angry.


                                                                  Does anyone have any ideas?

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                                                                    ProDesignTools MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                                                                    binewski wrote:


                                                                    Does anyone have any ideas?



                                                                    With the perpetual (boxed) products, there's no charge to change platforms - provided you're on the most recent version of the CS software, because Adobe never sells or distributes old releases...  CS4 was "current" four years ago, but CS6 is now.


                                                                    With the newer CC (Creative Cloud) versions of the tools, Adobe has changed how the product activation works so that you are now able to install and run on both/either operating system platforms with a single purchase...  So you can have Windows, Mac, or both.


                                                                    Adobe does offer upgrade pricing to Creative Cloud (for CS users back to CS3), so that might be an option depending on your needs, if you decide not to get CS6 on its own.

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                                                                      bdonovan32@gmail.com Level 1

                                                                      Hey you still interested in trading me? I have a mac formatted Cs5 version and need a version for my PC

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                                                                        ystress Level 1

                                                                        I found it enlightening reading this tread, and for the record I have been using adobe products for many many years, Photoshop, illustrator, director, after effects, Flash,  captivate,  etc...   I quit upgrading most of them because I do not like how the company treats its loyal product users, and more importantly the latest upgrade policy and Create Cloud crap.    I still use specific products because I have no choice presently, but I am slowly finding alternatives.  I hope to be rid of this money hungry company as soon as I can.  I think others should do the same, we made them we can sink them.

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                                                                          sequoia wenger Level 1

                                                                          Did you make a trade? If not I can tell me more details please.

                                                                          • 35. Re: Transfer License from PC to Mac
                                                                            sequoia wenger Level 1

                                                                            I am in Canada and I have a Mac, where are you located? If you do not mind sharing?

                                                                            • 36. Re: Transfer License from PC to Mac
                                                                              bdonovan32@gmail.com Level 1

                                                                              New York State western new york, y do u got a mac version of cs5?

                                                                              • 37. Re: Transfer License from PC to Mac
                                                                                sequoia wenger Level 1

                                                                                No, I have the PC Creative Suite CS5 version.

                                                                                • 38. Re: Transfer License from PC to Mac
                                                                                  bdonovan32@gmail.com Level 1

                                                                                  Yea Sry that's what I meant. I have the production premium though, I

                                                                                  actually need after effects too that comes with the suite

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                                                                                    sequoia wenger Level 1

                                                                                    On it is all goo than

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