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    CS3 deactivation


      i own cs3 design premium and got a new macbook pro just recently. now, i reinstalled the cs3 bundle on the new machine and want to deactivate the software on my old powerbook before removing the software there, because i've read that this is the proper way to do it.
      only, there seems to be no way to deactivate my cs3 installation on the old machine - there's no "deactivate"-option in my "help"-menu in either cs3 application, as i guess there should be. in acrobat there is an "activate/deactivate" option in the help menu but it's all greyed out... maybe that's because my design premium bundle came with a volume license serial number? i also didn't have to activate it.
      i just would like to know if it's alright then to just delete the software from the old machine without wasting a license...