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    Deactivation Issues

      I am running a student version of CS3. It has one license, which was originally on my desktop computer. I then deactivated it on my desktop, to install it on my lap top. I now need to transfer the lisence over to the desktop, however Photoshop won't let me deactivate on the laptop. I'm running the Mac version, on OS 10.5 (Leopard).

      Any help regarding the deactivation is appreciated.
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          Your license for CS3 allows you to have the software activated on your primary and secondary machines, so long is for your personal use and the two copies are not used simultaneously.

          You do not need to deactivate the software on your first machine in order to use it on your second machine. A third machine however, is not allowed.

          Please feel free to call customer service and they'll be able to solve your deactivation problem if you still need to deactivate the application on your first machine (please notice that you must have a working connection to the public Internet in order to deactivate your software).