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    Master Collection 3.3 and Acrobat Extended 9.0

      I have the master collection CS3.2. The current master collection upgrade includes a path to Acrobat Pro 9.0 but not to the Acrobat Pro 9.0 Extended version. The upgrade pricing of 299 to the extended version should be available to holders of the master collection.

      The master collection should include an upgrade path to the extended version to any product within the grouping. What is the point of the master collection if it does not enable you to maintain a consolidated licensing. Both sales and support do not answer the question or provide any feedback other than contact the other. I am hoping that someone who is not following a script will read this and provide a resolution.
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          Hi Mike,
          Master Collection is its own entity, and comes with the products selected for that particular suite. As you know, Acrobat 9 Pro Extended is not part of CS3.3 Master Collection. The CS3.3 Master Collection includes Acrobat 9 Pro, which has all of the creative and print production features that the creative audience typically wants. Acrobat 9 Pro Extended is only available on Windows, and focuses more on 3D for the AEC market. You can get Acrobat 9 Pro as part of upgrading from CS3 (or an older version) to CS3.3; however, you are not eligible for Acrobat 9 Pro Extended because it is not part of Master Collection.
          I hope this helps clarify the reasoningAcrobat 9 Pro contains sufficient functionality for most Master Collection users, and Acrobat Pro Extended is not cross-platform.
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            It is not the 3d that I am interested in. You should consider adding the adobe presenter functionality to the CS 3.3. I think you would have to agree that it's focus is not on the AEC market and is something most master collection users would want and could utilize.
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              Thanks for the reply Mike. I will pass your feedback on to the product team.
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                I totally agree with Mike.

                I work for a college and we have 15 Mac Pros, but we use both Windows and Mac OS as they are Intel.

                Students are using all of the CS2 suite and then we have Maya for 3D modelling. I really want to be able to teach students to author PDFs as interactive media and want them to be able to showcase their 3D models in an interactive form.

                Showing videos of animations is fine, but I really like the features from Acrobat 3D (I tried the older trial).

                We are hoping to upgrade from CS2 Design Premium to CS4 Master collection in order to get After Affects and Encore and the rest but sadly we still wouldn't have Acrobat Pro Extended.

                Is there no way to get Acrobat Pro Extended via an upgrade. Naturally we have Educational Licensing and we are on a Volume contract (or whatever it's called). We are UK based so perhaps the licenses are different in different regions. So many questions!

                Thanks - Tim Lozinski
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                  try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional
                  Hi Tim,

                  The licenses are identical, no matter where you get them (except for some things related to using educational/student licenses for commercial versions or local patent/copyright laws).
                  You should contact your local Adobe Customer Service and ask them if you can get Acro Pro Ext. if you upgrade to CS4 Master Collection, or otherwise.