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    Missing physical media and volume license number

      Recently, we had a set of installer/content disks, case, and volume license number disappear. My employer, an art school, legally purchased a volume license giving us 107 licenses for Design Premium Creative Suite 3 for official school use.

      We are fairly certain that the physical media and license serial number in question were all stolen from us, and we have no clue what is presently being done with the whole lot. We fear that the unknown individuals will use our volume license serial number to exceed the number of installations we are legally allowed.

      We have already found relevant information regarding having the physical media replaced. We want to know what we must do as a school to continue using the software we legally purchased, whether it means being issued a new license serial number or not. Will we suddenly find ourselves unable to install and/or update CS3 around campus? Are we required to buy a new volume license?