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    ALM - Internal Lisc. Pool Set-Up / Script Logic

      I work at CTDOT and we are struggling with our re-seller and Adobe on this new system. We have a few questions:

      1. Weve read quite a bit on the Internal ALM, which may be the direction we decide to go.. Can we configure the internal lisc. pool so that users Lisc. when not in use, will be automatically returned to the pool? We dont want to worry about who gets the actual install.
      2. Where is the Server Products for the Internal-ALM? We are getting errors on Adobe's site.
      3. Can we distribute Acrobat 8.0 with Script Logic? and are there any directions from Adobe on this? How does this work with the ALM?
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          Answering your questions in the same order:

          1. What you describe in point 1 is the typical floating licensing/concurrent licensing model. Adobe does not offer this licensing model for Acrobat 8.

          2. When you/your administrator setup your e-licensing preferences for a new order on the Licensing Website (https://licensing.adobe.com/) and select that you/your admin wants to manage e-licenses in-house, you're provided with a link to download the License Server Tools software for either Windows or Mac OS.

          3. Yes, you can distribute Acrobat 8 with ScriptLogic Desktop Authority. You just need to configure Acrobat 8 according to how you decide to manage your e-licenses (internally with the license server per your prior comments) and proceed to work with Desktop Authority as usual. Basically you need to pre-serialize Acrobat 8 (by copying and pasting the serial number in a file provided with Acrobat) and include the Client Setup file with the installation files (the client setup file is where you specify the path to your internal license server).

          Instructions on how to configure Acrobat 8 for deployment can be found here: http://www.adobe.com/elicensing/licensemanagement/alm/pdfs/ConfiguringAdobeAcrobat8withAL M_EN.pdf

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            Juan, thanks for the reply. For the internal pool ALM Set-up. Can users have the ability to re-submit their Lisc. back to the pool, when not in use? Im just trying to assess the advantages of using the internal ALM..
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              Yes. Two options to do that:

              1. Manually: By selecting Help>Licensing>Return e-License.
              2. Via the uninstaller: when running the uninstaller (in manual or silent mode) it detects the presence of an e-license, and if not silent, it prompts the user to return it.

              Keep in mind that while the product offer the possibilities above, the licensing model is not concurrent licensing.

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                Our Software Reseller has informed us the Internal ALM has been discontinued. Is this still True? We are having significant deployment issues with having to go to the web to get an e-lisc.. Any further help on this issue.. Can scriptlogic work with going out to the web for a e-lisc.?
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                  we had to call adobe for a adobeconfig.xml that does not use the license manager at all, because they are not using a flex manager that
                  will return the license like autodesk does. Not sure why it is the same vendor autodesk uses.
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                    Adobe announced today that ALM is being disabled in Acrobat 8. Please visit this page:


                    If you are managing your e-licenses via an In-house license server, you'll find FAQs specific to that hosting method here:



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