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    Lightroom Upgrade for new purchase

      I purchased Lightroom and Photoshop CS 3 on the evening of June 23rd. I received notification today that Lightroom 2 is now available. After calling your support center, I was told that since it was more than 30 days since my purchase, I would need to pay an additional $99 for the current version of Lightroom. It astounds me that you would sacrifice the relationship with a paying customer over $99 and a matter of one week. I feel suckered for falling for the combo pricing of Lightroom and Photoshop when your company knew that the product I was purchasing would be out of date in 26 business days. I have been a loyal user of Photoshop since version 3.0, but this experience has cautioned me from future purchase of your products. Is there any way to come to a positive solution to this issue?