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    Corporate licence


      Is there something called a 'corporate license'. A friend of mine was offered a "corporate license" through an online market place, but I have never heard of it and I think it's some kind of hoax/scam ?

      Could someone shed some light on this?

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          try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional
          Sounds like a scam. There is a volume license, not a "corporate license", and it can only be sold through an Adobe Reseller. It is not cheaper for a single user to purchase a volume license, compared to a retail license, so I doubt if this offer is a legitimate one. You can always ask the seller to prove they are an Adobe Reseller.
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            Alright, thanks!
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              do adobe have any intention of providing us with network licenses in the foreseeable future?
              this is a majot constraint on us purchasing more licenses. Lots of our users need to use adobe software but they only need to use it about once a week. Purchasing standalone licenses for all of these users is very expensive and inefficient. A network license would provide just what we need and we are likely to increase our license quota