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    retail license

      We have 2 retail copies of Adobe CS 3 Design Premium. We have 2 workstations which run the software. 2 operators use the product as part of their job.

      Now, the boss occassionally wants to view their work. Is he entitled to logon to one of the workstations and use the software?

      The boss's PC is not powerful enough to run CS3 software.
      He will rarely be using the software.
      We only have 2 machines capable of running CS3.

      I have read the CS3 EULA and it always talks about machines. Users are only mentioned when dealing with the right to install a 2nd copy on a user's laptop and when installing on a server. We don't have any laptops so we don't use that right, and both of our installs are local C: drive installs.

      I thought the thread "multiple users, one license, one computer" answered my question, but I've seen another Adobe page (outside EULA) which says all boxed media are single-user.

      I am now very confused! Can the boss use the software or not?
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          try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional
          These applications were probably bought by the company and not by the two employees personally, right? So they are the property of the company and any employee of the company is allowed to use them, under the EULA, of course.
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            Yes - the company purchased the software.

            Can you explain what Adobe mean by "single-user" license with retail software? Does this mean 1 concurrent user or 1 named user? If it is 1 named user then I can't see how the boss can use the software himself occassionally.

            You'll have to forgive my ignorance, but I am used to Microsoft licensing where you compare users and machines, and have to buy whichever number is higher number of CALs. So in my example, 2 machines, 3 users, we'd need 3 CALs.

            We have been let down by our reseller when we wanted to buy extra CS3 software. We got incorrect (upgrade rather than full) media and no volume licenses. We then tried to buy volume licenses direct from Adobe, but they would not match the current promo retail price. So to save $200 a seat we went retail.
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              try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional
              Sorry, Jimmy, but I don't represent Adobe and can not give you their exact policy. I suggest you call Customer Service and ask for clarifications on the matter. They should be able to provide you all the information you need.

              Good luck!