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    Issues with Installing Multiple adobe products.

      I am having some issues with performing a silent installation of multiple adobe products.

      We currently have Adobe CS3, Captivate 3, Audition 3, and Director 11.

      We have managed to get a silent install working for CS3, however, I cannot seem to get a silent install for Director going. The product installs, however it prompts for registration and a CDkey upon launching the application. I have a application.xml.override file within the payloads folder for Director. I also have install.xml and remove.xml files created. I can supply these if need be.

      Captivate does not seem to take the same deployment method that CS3 and Director do (no payloads folder, no --record=1 mode for creating install.xml). Some assistance with this would be very helpful.

      The audition disc does have a payloads folder and such within the folder for "adobe bridge." Would I be able to put an application.xml.override and install.xml in their respective locations for that and have it assist with audition install?

      Using a mix of Vista Business / XP professional computers. CS3, captivate, director, and audition are all going on the same systems.
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          Sorry, I have no solution, but I can relate.

          I'm having a similar problem with the Director 11 silent install.

          We have a keyserver setup here and need to have the programs install silently on the student home computers so we don't release the serial number to them, everything with CS3 went okay. I assumed that Director 11 would follow the same (override file) as the file structure seemed to be similar, but that is not the case.

          There's very little information on this out there, so any help would be great.