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    student licence / educational box

      I am an art school student and a little confused about the difference between the "student license and the educational box".

      Can "educational box" version be upgraded in the future?
      Can "educational box" be used for commercial purposes?
      Can student purchase this version? or only faculty and teachers can.

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          CS3 - US English section 2.4
          Academic Box $999.00 : Yes to upgrade to retail version only currently $899.00) No Academic upgrade for CS currently!
          Academic Box $999.00 : Yes to commercial purposes, US only!
          Academic Box $999.00 : Yes to student and faculty and teachers!
          Just need a edu ID and you take it with you!

          CS3 - US English section 2.5
          Student license ~$500: No to upgrade
          student license ~$500: No to commercial purposes
          student license ~$500: Yes to student and faculty and teachers!
          ~around 500.oo according to JoruneyEd for cs3.3, upgrade plan to cs4 add $150 was the quote I was given!

          See 4.4 and 14.6 for other education information

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