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    ALM and Repackaging

      Does Acrobat 8 have any issues with Adobe License Manager/e-licenses when repackaged?
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          I'm not sure what you mean by "repackaged." I'm assuming that you mean to repackage/customize the installer using a deployment tool.

          If that's the case the answer is no. The idea is that you prepare the application by pre-serializing Acrobat 8 and adding the Client Setup (configuration) file to the installation directory. Instructions how to to this can be found at adobe.com (http://www.adobe.com/elicensing/licensemanagement/alm/pdfs/ConfiguringAdobeAcrobat8withA LM_EN.pdf). You can then use your favorite tool to configure your deployment as usual.

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            We've got a similar scenario:

            Our technical group is creating a package that will be used for all deployments of Acrobat 8.0 throughout our company. I downloaded my first e-license for the particular order that was placed for the package copy. The deployment package worked fine for the first couple of installations, then we got an error message stating "There are currently no e-licenses available. You have been issued a temporary license instead" and now we're getting the error "Your grace period has expired and there are no more licenses available."

            Do I need to simply download more e-licenses for subsequent orders? Since the package is created, what do I need to do with the downloaded .XML files?

            On another note, as the license administrator, I did not receive any email notifications that we were approaching or exceeding our license allocation.

            Thank you!
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              Since you mentioned creating a package with the XML file, I assume you have selected one of the advanced hosting options (either Adobe Hosted or In House). To ensure that your licenses are added to the license pool, please make sure you log into LWS to setup the licenses for each order. Once the licenses are added to the pool, you should be able to successfully download an e-license.

              As long as each order is placed against the same Ship To ID and you select the same hosting option, you do not need to download the XML file again from LWS. You can continue to use the pakage you already have.

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                I am having a similar problem -- Adobe is hosting our licenses and I went out and did the setup the way the directions said. I downloaded a license file and the computer said "I did not need an xml file as Adobe was hosting my licenses"

                I am trying to deploy the program using the Adobe Customization Wizard; I put the serial # in the abcpy.ini file and tried to run the file -- now the computer is saying that my serial # is invalid. So, today I went out and re-checked my serial #'s -- one of the serial #'s showing today (2/12/07)is different than the original download. Tried that serial #, got the same result -- invalid serial #. So, I tried to load the program using the CD and not the ACW version -- still getting invalid serial #.

                Very frustrated -- Called Adobe and was informed that would cost me a fee to talk with tech support in order to install the program.

                Any help would be very much appreciated -- Thanks Elena
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                  You should talk to customer support and not technical support. Your issue is in regards to an order and you are questioning the validity of the serial number(s) you have in question. If you contact customer support about your problem, they should be able to help you. It would help if you provided your order number(s), what licensing program you are participating in with Adobe, and who purchased the software.

                  In regards to the technical aspects of using your adobeconfig.xml file with Acrobat 8, please refer to http://www.adobe.com/elicensing/licensemanagement/alm/pdfs/ConfiguringAdobeAcrobat8withAL M_EN.pdf.
                  This document contains all that is necessary to implement your adobeconfig.xml file with the Acrobat 8 installer. If you are using SN Only as the license hosting model, you do not need to modify the Acrobat 8 installer at all.

                  In regards to contacting customer support, please refer to http://www.adobe.com/elicensing/licensemanagement/alm/pdfs/alm_escalation_ue.pdf.

                  Thank you for your patience and understanding.

                  Best regards,

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                      We recently purchased 90 individual CDs of Adobe Professional version 8. I used the customization tool as I did in the past with the Reader, but I get a window saying I must activate within 30 days. I am confused over the info I've read that the ALM is no longer being used. How do I distribute this software without the activation message? Did we purchase the wrong version?
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                        I have Adobe Acrobat 9 std exe, i want to run this exe in silent mode on the command promt and get the msi and mst's which are inbuilt extracted...and also once its installed, while launching the short cut from the start menu button, there are two lincense text boxes prompting for user interference and I dont want any user interference at any given point of time. Please advice.

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                          This forum for discussions around licensing issues and programs specifically.

                          You may want to check the page on Adobe.com discussing enterprise deployment details for Acrobat 9 and Reader 9. Here's the link to that page: