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    Dreamweaver Licensing

      Okay, I purchased Dreamweaver CS3 via PC Connections. We opted for the downloadable version. They submitted the purchase, and I received an email from Adobe, and gave me a link to download, and another for the licensing. I downloaded, and went to the license section, and it states, no licenses available.

      I then called Adobe, and they said "You only purchased the download, not the license. I called PCC, and they said they sent them the order for the download and license. The download went through, but the license is still in Adobe's order queue.

      What does that mean? When can/should I expect the license order to complete? This is the oddest ordering process I've ever heard of. Why would anyone spend $20 to download a trial? Why aren't the order(s) processed at the same time? Has anyones else had this happen to them?