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    Moving from PC to Mac (again)

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      So I learned from this forum that switching from PC to MAC isn't really a problem; by calling the local Adobe offices and agreeing to to destroy the original installation etc...
      Does this only apply for the latest version? I mostly use Lightroom and Photoshop, of which I own the latest version. But as for Premiere, Illustrator, Indesign and Auditon, I have older versions (it's not cost-effective to upgrade every 18 months). Can I also change to a new platform without having to buy an upgrade?

      Next question: Premiere and Audition are actually USA version (which i bought there while doing an internee ship a few years ago); could this be a problem.
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          Adobe won't supply old versions. So switching platforms does require
          you to get current first/at the same time.

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            I'm considering switching from PC to Mac but I own CS3 and Lightroom v1.1 for PC. I don't want to pay full price just for upgrades in order to switch. Will Adobe give me full install on both programs to put on a new Mac if I choose to purchase one?
            I've searched the forums and this was the closest match I could find :)
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              I am trying to convert my CS4 Web Premium license from PC to Mac and am still having issues. I have upgraded from one suite to another over the past 10 years or so. Adobe required a license for every upgrade back to my original purchase of the retail version about 10 years ago. I had every serial number but the oldest (which was from Macromedia eons ago) and they said I could not switch platforms licenses. I'm still fighting it. If anyone has any suggestions, it would be appreciated.
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                If you are switching or thinking of switching from PC to Mac - read this first!


                I bought Adobe Web Design Premium CS3 in February 2008 for the Windows (Vista) platform.  Over the next few months I had so many problems with Vista I decided to jump ship and get a Macintosh.  In December I bought a new Mac and then contacted Adobe about switching my license to the Mac platform. They informed me I'd have to spend another $600USD to upgrade to CS4 - I just can't justify/afford that right now.  Maybe at the end of 2009, but not a year earlier.  I'm perfectly happy with CS3.


                I'm a professional photographer, but dabble with the other products in the suite.  So I was mostly interested in getting Photoshop moved over to Mac.


                I mentioned my problem to a fellow photographer who recommended I give Aperture a try while I was trying to figure out what to do.  I downloaded the trial version and really liked it - it does about 80% of what I used Photoshop for.  I had previously considered Lightroom (I had demoed it on the PC), but after getting the run around from Adobe, I was more than happy to give a competing product a try.


                I decided to give Adobe a call back and give them another chance to keep my business (after all, I would like to have upgraded at the end of 2009).  Again, I got the run around (this time from some folks in India).  I asked to speak to supervisors, got disconnected, had to call back, etc, etc, etc.  But they wouldn't budge.  They offered me a 20% discount when I told them I'd probably end up switching to a competing product, but I just can't afford that much money right now (still over $400).


                So, here's what I've ended up doing.  I'm not completely satisfied, but I've at least I'm able to do what I want.


                I bought Aperture for my photographic workflow and the majority of my image processing (I bought it out of desperation - I needed something).  Then, I ended up also running XP on the Mac (VMWare Fusion, Parallels or Boot Camp).  I installed CS3 on that so I can use Photoshop for extensive editing and the rest of the products in the suite.


                There's a possibility that I may end up later upgrading to a future version of Creative Suite, but in the mean time I'll keep my eye out for competing products.


                I can't completely blame Adobe for this, but I'm in a bind that they could have easily addressed made a loyal customer happy.  But because they wouldn't help out a loyal customer, not only did I get Aperture rather than their product (Lightroom), I've been put in a position where I'm often asked by fellow professional photographers what I use for image workflow.  What do you think I tell them?


                So, if you're switching platforms - be aware!