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    I can't do a cross platform switch?

      This is absolutely ridiculous. I've been a loyal--no pirating--customer since CS, and now since I'm one month past the CS 4 launch I apparently can't switch my CS 3 Web Premium license from a Windows to Mac?

      This is absolutely stupid. If I pay the astronomical prices Adobe has for a license I own that license and should be able to do with it as I please.
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          Chris I couldn't agree with you more!!!!!!! I have been on the phone with Adobe for hours today about this. I'm a student and called them in June before I bought it and specifically asked if I purchased it would I be able to transfer the license to a Mac Because in 4-6 months I would be buying a MAC PRO. I was told yes I would be able to. Well guess what I got my MAC pro but now I don't have the software for it.
          ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS!!!!!!! This is exactly the kind of thing that is wrong with this country......we just make up rules as we see fit to fill our pockets. It doesn't matter what we promised when we sold you the product. GREED GREED GREED this is what is destroying our country and our financial system.

          I don't want CS4 I just want the same version I bought for my MAC

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            I'm glad I'm not alone Vicki. It's ridiculous that when we spend that much money on a license it apparently isn't our license to do with as we choose.

            You would Adobe would want to appease their paying customers since there is so much piracy out there. Guess not.
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              So you guys are saying that this is no longer valid: http://blogs.adobe.com/jnack/2007/05/cs3_switching_p.html

              That's kind of bogus.
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                I'm a victim of the same problem but in the opposite direction. I've got a CS3 Web Premium for Mac license (purchased online from Adobe about a year and a bit ago as an upgrade to MX Studio) and I need to switch to the Windows version.

                If one of you needs the Mac version and has Web Premium CS3 we can transfer the licenses to each other and both be happy! - dave@waldowebdesign.com
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                  Here is a Chat I had with and Adobe customer service about transferring CS3 form PC to Mac. Basically transferring CS3 is a no-go, but I can get upgrade pricing on CS4 for the Mac. Somewhat lame.

                  Kim: Hello Gabriel. Welcome to Adobe Customer Service.

                  Kim: Please give me a few minutes while I review your request.

                  Gabriel Luethje: thank you

                  Kim: You are welcome.

                  Kim: Thank you for your patience.

                  Kim: I am happy to assist you with the CS3 Design Premium CS3 installation issue.

                  Kim: Gabriel, as per Adobe policy, one can use the software on two computers but of the same operating system.

                  Gabriel: So that would mean we would have to purchase all new software?

                  Gabriel: I read somewhere that it was possible to transfer the license cross-platform. Is that incorrect?

                  Kim: Gabriel, if you want to install it on the Mac, you will have to buy a new version.

                  Gabriel: That's terrible news

                  Kim: Thank you for waiting. I'll be with you in just a moment.

                  Kim: You can upgrade Design Premium CS3 to Design Premium CS4 Mac.

                  Gabriel: So let me make sure I understand

                  Gabriel: I can't transfer CS3, but I can can upgrade pricing on CS4?

                  Kim: Gabriel, you can upgrade to Design Premium CS4 from CS3 as well as change the platform.

                  Kim: However, you cannot transfer CS3 to Mac.

                  Gabriel: OK. I understand. Thank you.

                  Kim: You are welcome.

                  Kim: Now that I have provided you the cross platform information, is there anything else I can help you with today?

                  Gabriel Not today, thanks.
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                    I too went through a very similar process. I have the CS4 Web Premium licensed on my PC. I've been a loyal, non-pirating customer for about 10 years. I've upgraded from one suite to another over the years, beginning with Macromedia years ago.
                    I was told before I purchased my Mac that I could transfer the license. I have spent hours on the phone with their customer support to no avail. I have four generations of serial numbers which were all upgrades, but I no longer have access to my original retail serial number from eons ago with Macromedia. They said they could not transfer my current CS4 license to my mac without that serial number. uggh. I'm now looking to either purchase a old version of Dreamweaver/Fireworks Studio 4 to get that license number or I'd consider a trade with anyone that has Web Premium CS4 for the Mac and needs Web Premium CS4 for the PC.
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                      Have you tried to return CS4 with Letter of Destruction, and purchased the CS4 for the other OS?  You will also need to perform a Letter of Destruction on your CS3 product.  Also, you can never go back to your old OS.

                      Sounds like a hardship, and I hope that I won't have the same problem as I am going to move my version over too.

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                        If anyone happens to read this post and would like to switch from pc to mac with Production Premium CS3, I would love to do the trade. I have all the original Dvds and will be happy to ship them in a swap. We'll deactivate at the same time and have no down time.     Completely up and up. My website is videobullseye.com and you can reach me at Dave@videobullseye.com.      itch from

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                          only if you purchase CLP or TLP of Adobe CS4 then you will get serial no for Windows and Mac.


                          what you need to get is the CLP or TLP media kit for Mac or Windows..


                          CLP and TLP, you have license to switch platform.

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                            You can actually do the cross platform switch. What will going to happen is that you will upgrade your software to CS4 from WINDOWS to MAC platform.


                            You can do this by either going to customer support portal at: www.adobe.com/go/supportportal then sign in to your account, once you get in there, fill out the online form with the necessary information and at the bottom part, you will see there a statement saying that: By clicking this, I agree to...... something like that and at the left corner of that statement, I think there's a checkbox there that you need to put a check on it then click Review and Submit.


                            Another step that you can do is by filling out a Letter Of Software Destruction form a.k.a LOD form and send it back to Adobe via customer support portal again www.adobe.com/go/supportportal. By the way, I have attached a copy of LOD form in case you need one

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                              The issue continues into 2010. I too have been a loyal customer for at least 10 years. Six months ago purchased CS4 Web Premium suite for one platform, and now, needing to purchase a new computer, want to switch platforms. I followed Khaye2728's instructions - feeling oh so optimistic. The response I received AFTER filing the electronic Letter of Consent to remove current platform software (no other option - must do that first), is that I must now call the 800 customer service number and "have your credit card ready". Absurd!!!! Absolutely absurd!!!! And did I say "Absurd!!!!!." I withdrew my Letter of Consent. The individual or small business user is being held hostage to a platform based on Adobe's licensing practice. C'mon Adobe - are you all out to lunch? Think about it!! A license isn't pocket change to the small business owner or freelancer. You're punishing the honest folks instead of pursuing the pirates. Absurd!!!!! Oh, that's right, I already said that.

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                                The credit card is supposedly for shipping for the new box of software. Thats how I read it anyhow.



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                                  Yes, as mriffey says, the only cost involved is shipping.



                                  If you have the current version (CS5), you can transfer the license for free (plus shipping) between Windows and Mac.
                                  If you have a previous version, you need to upgrade to CS5 (cross platform upgrade).

                                  Here's the Adobe page with the details:




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                                    I am in the same boat.  Bought CS4 Web Premium late 2009, was planning on switching to Mac after I upgraded my computer, but they realeased CS5 before I did that.


                                    Now they won't let me switch my CS4 to Mac without PAYING $600 to upgrade to CS5!!!!


                                    It is my bad luck they released CS5 recently and they have a terrible liscensing policy.


                                    I am sitting on hundreds of dollars of software I can no longer use on my new computer, even though I SPECIFICALLY checked this would be possible before I bought it.  Someone at Adobe, PLEASE RESOLVE THIS!


                                    I can't recommend buying Adobe software to anyone right now with a licensing policy like this, especially when I made sure I would be able to switch later BEFORE I bought it!

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                                      Sorry so late in updating my situation. I did successfully migrate my CS4 Web Premium suite from Windows to Mac with Adobe's help. However the first person I corresponded with did not explain things clearly. The 2nd person I communicated with explained that the fee was indeed only for shipping. However, one caveat, the Adobe rep firmly - and I do mean firmly - stated that after the migration there would be no further platform migration allowed - ever. So be certain before you make the move. Also, an upgrade is absolutely a separate issue and you will have to pay the upgrade fee if you want CS5 - unless, that is, you can convince the right person at Adobe that you only had the CS4 suite for a hiccup before CS5 was published.

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                                        Hi .. That's kind ..

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                                          Hi All, I have a CS3 Full Creative Suite licence for MAC and I am looking to migrate to Windows. If anyone would like to trade a CS3 Adobe Product for Windows for my MAC version please let me know and we can exchange through eBay.

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                                            For anyone who is doing a cross platform swap BEWARE it takes a life time!! I have CS6 which is the most recent one, yet I'm heading into my 2nd week and I still haven't got it sorted out. I originally had the software on my PC, and when I got my Mac last month I naturally wanted to move the software across. I was told to deactivate the serial number on my PC before they could give me a new one for my Mac, which is fair enough, but when you've been waiting for it for 11 days, and your a university student doing graphic design with deadlines coming up it is defiantly not. I feel like I'm being messed around. I get in contact with the online support team to be told I have to wait another 24-48 BUSINESS HOURS before I can get an answer, or to be asked "can we have your mobile number and Po Box shipping address" before going silent again. I've had problems in the past but this is by far the worst. When the elusive "higher support team" which may I add, YOU CANNOT GET IN CONTACT WITH THEM, THEY GET IN CONTACT WITH YOU, respond I don't even know if I'll get the software then. I may just get passed around and have to wait another century. I bought this software online back in October 2014, so don't be fooled into thinking that will make the process easier because evidently it has not!! It would have been nice for Adobe to have made it clear on their website that it would take this long, and maybe explain the process they go through because I feel very lost, very stressed and left in the dark.


                                            cheers Adobe!!