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    MSSQL "Application" name

      I built a large flex project which calls probably around 100 cfc's. Sometimes the database can get locked up by someone. In other applications (and from prior versions of coldfusion) I hear it was /is possible to set the "Application" displayed in the process info listing in mssql 2k

      We would want the application listing to be displayed like:

      My Program / Username

      Any ideas?

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          Gregory Lafrance Level 6
          Not sure what it is you would like to do. Your description is just not clear enough to translate it into possible solutions.
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            UberError Level 1
            Ok... to clarify...

            In MS SQL 2000 you can view a list of processes. In this process listing there is a column called "Application". I would like the ability to change this "Application" name for my Flex / cfc processes. We have a limited amount of users that use our Flex application, and so each user has his/her own MS SQL connection. We want the ability to distinguish between individual users in the MS SQL process list so that if one user is performing a query that is locking up other users, we are able to know who the culprit is, and kill their process created by Flex / cfc.

            We already know its possible to change the application name by creating a new datasource, however, we dont want to create a series of datasources for each user.