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    Eurpean license costing double that of the US one

      As I move away from fixed employment and develop myself as a freelancer, I have decided to go purchase the latest version of the CS package. Here-in lies the problem, in France a CS 4 Design Premium license costs $3530 compared to $1800 in the US, is this normal?

      Why exactly are Adobe making us pay such a premium, especially for something which is digitally distributed? Does this not drive us to piracy? The cross Atlantic price delta on RRP for other products is nowhere near this high (IT hardware, video games (physical and direct download), iTunes store etc.. )
      Finally, were I to buy a license in the US, would I be able to use it if I mark France as being my country when I activate the software?

      I genuinely want to buy your software, but it's out of the question that I do-so when I am so grotesquely over-charged, I'm sure you can understand.

      Looking forward to hearing back form you