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    CS4 on 2 computers from MY OWN not possible????

      I'm not so happy with my new CS4. This bundle cost me 2000 (design premium), wich is much much higher than in us, where it would cost 1200.
      That also makes me (and many other European users) pissed !

      But that's not all.
      My wife uses the CS4 in the day as a professional, and I want to use it occasionally in the evening. I work in the daytime in an other company.

      Now my newly expensive CS4 starts naging because I installed it on 2 computers and I have 30 days to buy a second version.

      Does Adobe think we're all as rich as their CEO's???
      Paying 4000 for occasional use?

      I think Adobe realy wants people to download illegaly so they can be catched (again $$$)