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    Adobe ALM and Autodesk LM


      Anybody know if the new Adobe ALM in-house software can co-exist on a server that is already running the Autodesk License manager? The Autodesk product is an old Macromedia product.

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          First a clarification:
          Autodesk license management is based on Macrovision's (not Macromedia) FLEXlm product.

          Adobe's ALM solution is based on FLEXnet, which is the latest version of the FLEXlm product.

          The license server shipped by Adobe (version 11.3) is the latest version of the technology, and according to Macrovision it's backwards compatible with the version of the vendor "daemon" that Autodesk ships. The vendor daemon is the vendor-specific process that runs with the license server to manage the licenses for the product of that software vendor (Autodesk has one, and Adobe has one too that ships with the ALM License Server Tools).
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            I can be the first to tell you, it doesn't work. I been messing with this Adobe ALM stuff for two days now, waiting for Adobe tech support to call me back to help me figure out why it would never find the adobe license server. So After reading this post, I uninstalled the Adobe LM and the Autodesk LM. I reinstalled the Adobe LM and it finally worked.

            I am in the process of trying to reinstall the Autodesk LM to see if it will work along with the ADobe LM.
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              Once I installed the Autodesk LM, it broke the Adobe LM again. After doing some testing, I was able to change the port# that Autodesk LM use and now they both are running fine on the same machine.

              The change the port# which Autodesk LM uses:
              Open your Autodesk License file and add a custom port on the same line were the Host name and Mac Address is on. I used 27010 and that seems to fix my issues with running both the Adobe and Autodesk LM on the same machine.
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                Any idea what happens to clients if I change the port number that the server is using? I don't want to have to change all the clients or screw up their access.

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                  In the case of the Adobe License Server, you can change the ports the server is using after deploying the Acrobat 8 application, but unfortunately, you would have to make a change in every client where you already deployed Acrobat 8.

                  However, there's a piece of good news. You will not need to uninstall and reinstall Acrobat 8 or change the e-license already present on the client machine; you will only need to replace one file.

                  The file you want to change is the Client Setup file (which was renamed to AdobeConfig.xml when preparing for the deployment). That file is installed on:
                  C:\Program Files\Adobe\Acrobat 8.0\Acrobat\alm_config_files

                  Details about the file and how to edit it to change the port number can be found at http://www.adobe.com/elicensing/licensemanagement/alm/pdfs/ConfiguringAdobeAcrobat8withAL M_EN.pdf

                  After you make the changes to the AdobeConfig.xml file you will need to replace the existing file in the path specified above; manually or using some remote script.
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                    BTW, Joey, you did an awesome job working out the issues and making both the Autodesk's and Adobe's vendor daemons work under the same server (which looking in retrospective, it's logical that the it could only work using the version of the Adobe License Server because is the most recent version -- thanks again).
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                      All right well i finally got the adobe server running on a different port, my autodesk daemon didn't like the port change or I was doing it wrong. But they are now both running and happy on the same server.

                      So question two, can you view and manage the Autodesk licenses in the Adobe GUI? It sure would be nice to have it all in one place.

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                        Thanks Juan-Carlos, I was determined to get this to work, one way or another. I really didn't want two computers on my desk, doing the same thing.
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                          Answering question two: the short answer is not (or at least, not yet). Adobe uses the latest version of FLEXnet which include new capabilities not supported by Autodesk's vendor daemon. That would be possible when Autodesk upgrades to version 11.x of the FLEXnet technology in the future. Hopefully the future is not too far away :-)
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                            Can you please post the syntax you used to add a custom port in your Autodesk license file? Can you simply add the port number or are there other entries that need to be added to that line?
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                              You should look at the first lines of your license file. It contains port numbers used.

                              There you can specify everything so you don't get a conflict.

                              It should certainly work out fine even though it can be a little tricky at first.

                              Once you get it running you might want to see your license usage. We use License Statistics for our other products: http://www.x-formation.com/license_statistics/index.html

                              Good luck!
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