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    portable license

      i own a ortable license for my cs3,
      now i installed it on my dektop mac and my mobile mac

      the macs never ran simultanious, but somehow i always have to activete software again,

      can someone tell me how this portable license thing will work without
      activating the software erverytime i arrive in office and in the evenings at home?

      btw: i know that i have a portable license because the adobe guy i registered the software with told me on the phone.

      thanks in advance.
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          try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional
          Never heard of such a thing as a "portable license". Each and every (retail) license allows for two activations. Are you sure both of your computers are activated properly?
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            well, the adobe guy said, its a portable license wich can be installed on 2 computers if they do not run simultanious.

            well, i activated the product after installing on both computers
            first i activated on the macbookpro , then i activated it a few month later on the macpro

            well, i had a logic board crash on my macbook pro inbetween and got a newone where i cloned the hard drive from the old one (maybe thats the problem, but i did not activate the product on the new macbook pro, because there was no need to.)

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              try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional
              OK, I don't know what the Adobe employee told you, but AFAIK there's no such thing as a "portable license". As I said before, ALL non-volume licenses allow for two activations at the same time.

              As to your problem: what probably happened is that because of your hardware failure you needed a new activation, but you ran out of activations because you couldn't deactivate after the failure. What you need to do is call Adobe Activation (you can find the numebr for your country in the activation window) and explain this to them. They'll provide you with a new activation code. Your other computer should work fine, unless it too had some sort of hardware malfunction.