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    Can I install my company's Creative Suite on my home computer (will only be used by me at work and a

    Talyianna Level 1
      Hi all,
      My understanding is that we are allowed to install one licensed version of Creative Suite software (or any Adobe software) on 2 machines. And so right throughout my creative career, I have always been able to install the software on my machine at home too for those times I need to work from home, even tho' it is registered under the company's name, with the company owning the license.

      I just want to verify that this is indeed the case as I am moving to a new company and they seem to feel uncomfortable about my installing it on my machine at home because they own the license...

      So my question is, are you not allowed to install it on TWO machines (the work machine and the home machine) as long as it is being used by ONE person only?
      (I thought I'd ask here at the Adobe forums just to make absolutely sure:)

      Thanks a lot for your help in advance:)
      Best regards,