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    CS4 Dreamweaver says  "License expired" even after installing Web Premium CS4

      I just purchased Web Premium CS4. I had CS3 and Dreamweaver CS4 Beta installed. Learned that I needed to uninstall CS4 Beta, used
      the CS4 Uninstall script. Reinstalled CS4, it showed Dreamweaver would be installed (was no longer a greyed point). Went through entire installation. Everything works except Dreamweaver which continues to say "license has expired" as if it still has the beta license in there even though I've used the script to uninstall! Help, how can I get it to use the new licensed version?

      The rest of the Web Premium CS4 applications are working properly, only Dreamweaver is giving me problems!
      Operating System: Windows XP Professional SP3

      Both my laptops have the exact same problem.