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    Did I buy the Full Version or Upgrade?

      I purchased the CS4 Design Premium suite on Ebay. It was purported to be a full commercial retail version but when I received it yesterday I didn't open and install it because I'm concerned it might not be a Full Version.

      I talked to the seller and he will refund my money but that is not the issue here. The issue is the part number. I've searched everywhere and can't find record of the part number on the box being an upgrade or full version. The part number on the box is 65021220. I think the full version's part number is 65021413 and the upgrade is 65022199 or 65021645. The Academic is 65021943. What version did I buy?

      I realize that I could return it and buy it elsewhere but I used a $100 paypal coupon that expired on monday. Any help in decoding the part number would be appreciated.
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          try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional
          If you have the serial number you can call Adobe and they will verify it for you. They will also tell you if it's a legitimate number, as many products bought off of Ebay are not.
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            I believe it is an upgrade from CS3.3. Does the white label at bottom says something like that?
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              Yes but it's kind of vague. I called Adobe last week and confirmed that it was an upgrade from 3.3 and the seller refunded my money.

              It makes me wonder if the obtuse packaging scheme is intentional. When I have purchased Adobe software in the past, the product information was clearly marked on the packaging to prevent this kind of scenario from happening. Why would Adobe change this policy?
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                How do I know if the one I purchased is "Academic Used" only? I've got one that said "Full version, Retail box", and after opened it, it is "academic version -- educational use only". How to find out if the version is right for commercial use? I don't want to buy Adobe's new and expansive one. I only need CS2 Creative Suite to write web site projects... How can I find out before I buy? I've email one the the seller, and they told me that the software is academic version, but I can use for everything, including commercial use... I just ignore the seller entirely...I have called adobe many times regarding this issue, and Adobe is only interested in getting me to upgrade to the newest version for over at least thousand bulks... Alas, web designer nowaday does not make that much $$....Please help, if you know something about this.

                Note: I already have the master creative suit cs2, academic version, which I purchased when I was attending East Comm College in LA. I did not finish school, so I did not get chance to upgrade to commercial "upon graduation" there...