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    MAC to PC

      In order to avoid paying the exorbitant UK fee for CS4 Production Premium upgrade; I have bought a copy from the US on eBay.

      I stupidly ordered the MAC instead of the PC version which I have just received.

      It is in a sealed box.

      Is there any way I can swap this for a Windows version without having to post it back to the US for it to be changed.

      Obviously I have the MAC software and license but not the Windows one.

      I don't want to have to open the MAC box to get out the license details as it will prevent me from returning the product as it would then be opened.

      I guess I can't just download the Windows version and try and apply the MAC license.
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          GlennCurtis Level 1

          I contacted Adobe this morning to see about doing a cross platform switch.

          I was told that this could not be done as it was from MAC to Windows and an upgrade.

          Just what are Adobe playing at; I have given them a lot of my money over the years; I have paid for the their software and am now having to post the package back to the US and wait for its return. I guess I will get stung for customs fees again too.

          When I have bought the license for the software, why can they not just swap one version for the other.

          No wonder so many people pirate their software when they charge so much for it in the first place and then make life difficult for loyal customers.
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            try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional
            AFAIK, there is an option to switch from Mac to Windows and upgrade at the same time. It's called a "crossgrade". You should call again and try to get a definite answer. Have them email the information to you, so you have a record of it and make sure you note down the name of the person you're speaking to.
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              GlennCurtis Level 1
              I've raised a case with support with the following text:

              I already own CS3 Production Premium for Windows and have bought the CS4 Production Premium upgrade for MAC.

              I wish to do a Cross-Grade from the CS4 MAC to Windows versions which I believe I am entitled to do.

              Please advise me how to arrange this.


              Let's see what happens there.

              I can't wait too long before I have to send the product back to the US for replacement that way.
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                try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional
                Sorry, I think I misunderstood your situation at first.
                You didn't mention whether you bought the upgrade from eBay themselves (which are a recognized reseller, I presume), or from someone selling software on eBay.
                If the latter, there's very little chance Adobe will agree to exchange it.
                If the former, you might be able to do it, but I think you will need to do so through eBay, not Adobe.
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                  GlennCurtis Level 1
                  Yes, I bought it from a company in Texas selling software on eBay.

                  I'll see if Adobe come back with anything otherwise I'll post it back to them.

                  Fortunately, they have already said they will exchange it for me.

                  I just wanted to avoid having to send it back and then have the possibility of customs dues again when the Windows software is returned.

                  Thanks for your help anyway.