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    Master Collection v3.3 upgrade on Ebay for $157.99

      Hello Friends,

      Adobe 29281007 upgrade is only for upgrading from Master Collection 3.0 to Master Collection 3.3. The upgrade is being sold on Ebay without giving the complete information about upgrade products that are eligible. I have a full version of Photoshop CS3. I would like to have a copy of Master Collection CS3, CS3.3 or CS4, but I don't have a bag of money. I was looking for a path that was less expensive, like buying an older version.

      The Ebay seller says he doesn't have any information about the product and refers them to the manufacturer. Adobe must have scrubbed all references because I couldn't find anything at all referring to the upgrade to v3.3 Master Collection.

      I sent an email to the Ebay seller using the name "buy" and let them know the package they are selling is exclusively for upgrading from Master Collection 3 to Master Collection 3.3. They can't honesty continue to advertise this without telling people they must have Master Collection 3.0 to upgrade.