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    LSCU Fails

      "LSCU cannot create license environment, please reinstall the application and try again." We have reinstalled three times, with no success. Can anyone provide any insight. We were on hold for over an hour, but no one from Adobe ever picked up.
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          Finally got the server to charge after two more installation attempts. We are now receiving the message "an e-license cannot be downloaded ... cannot connect to the server" when we install the product on a client computer. We keep getting the message that we have a 30-day grace period. We are attempting to set up the in-house LM and have followed Adobe's setup instructions. Has anyone else experienced this, and what did you do? This experience setting up the LM has been quite frustrating to say the least ... we have also been working on it for a couple of days. Thanks for any help.
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            Please make sure that you customized your client license setup file by specifying the location of your in-house license server. This license setup file needs to be deployed to each machine running Acrobat.

            Also, please verify that the license server process is running. You can log into the License Server Console to check on the server status.

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