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    Adobe Reader server licensing - what a joke!

      I go to download Adobe Reader 9 to install on our Citrix servers. As I'm in a Citrix session, the Windows 2003 Server version is selected automatically. I take a look at the licence, and it says: "This agreement does not permit you to install or use the software on a computer file server", and refers me to http://www.adobe.com/go/acrobat_distribute. Now as far as I am concerned, our Citrix servers are terminal servers, not file servers, but I follow the link anyway. This directs me to the Adobe Reader Distribution Agreement, which says: "Distributor may install one copy of the Software on a computer file server within Distributors Intranet for the sole and exclusive purpose of allowing use of the Software from an unlimited number of client computers on Distributors Intranet via ... (ii) Windows Terminal Services, (iii) Citrix ...". Now this talks about a file server, but describes a terminal server - it seems that Adobe doesn't know the difference. In any case, we have two Citrix servers, and I want to install Reader on both. What am I supposed to do - complete an agreement for each server? What if we had 50 servers? Come on Adobe - get your act together.